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Noisy Engine - Test Drive Carefully!

dmcgrath, 12/16/2009
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The 2.0Tsi engine has a known "popping sound" at between 2000 and 3000 RPM. Many owners complain of the noise during acceleration, sounds like "pop rocks in a can" - I thought it sounded like engine knocking. VW confirms it is the wastegate on the turbo, but says it is normal. Along with the noise, I find it annoying that they have known about the noise for at least three years yet have not fixed it. Test drive with a purpose and make sure you can stand the noise before buying, because you are stuck with it once you take the keys.

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Love Hate relationship

Als VW, 03/23/2018
Wolfsburg Edition 4dr Sedan (2.0L 4cyl Turbo 6AM)
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I have a 2010 Wolfsburg Jetta with the 2.0T engine with the dsg its loaded leather sunroof heated seats I fell in love at first sight very well clean in mint condition for 78k I have had her for a little over a year purchased in Indiana 1 owner moved back to new jersey with it ... actually my first car my parents purchased me was a 2004 GLI that I completely fell in love with then I purchased 3 newer bmws and after totaling a 335i I felt coming back to Volkswagen would be an inexpensive fun vehicle that I could drive, for a couple of years was I wrong!!! . I do love the performance of this vehicle it will get up and go kind of feels like it has endless power on tap espically in S mode.. but will drink gas like a cow in S mode... love to take on road trips. Now I feel as though the gas mileage is sub par granted I do run regular in it. The brakes are mushy which I'm not used to coming from a bmw & to be honest they scare me sometimes in situations when traffic has come to a sudden hault. I've flushed the brakes I take the car to Volkswagen here in New Jersey for all my services and they say my brakes are fine.. Ive also have had multiple oil issues since day one its been quite frustrating. Ive had more issues with this vehicle then combined of any problems ive ever had with any of my 3 bmws. leaks oil in my drive way.... Oil pressure valve replaced, Oil leak from mainseal had to have the engine taken out for the main seal job also oil leaking from vacume leak which needed to be replaced ofcourse I take it to Volkswagen because I'm scared of anyone else working on the vehicle and it not being done properly.. purchased with 79k now have 92k... also ive had transmission issues which used to get worse in the summer time transmission would jump and shake the car and would get worse if I was in stop and go traffic it scared me to the point of me not wanting to drive it anymore... seems as though the dsg services where never done from previous owner.. took to vw did dsg service for 400$ has gotten better considerable... engine is loud I've gotten used to it I remember my 2004 gli, was also loud and sounded like a diesel truck. also randomly my key got stuck in the vehicle and the car would not turn off Police had to turn my car off with pliers and broke my key in half.... there for leaving me stranded in Philadelphia lol... had to have towed to dealer dealer needed to replace ignition column as well as order a key from Germany... I've been disgusted with the quality of Volkswagen I will never ever buy another VW product!! not reliable.. The seats are very comfortable I am 5"7 124 pounds and I feel as though Volkswagen has the most comfortable seats!! in the winter time I keep the heated seats on love how hot they get!! I think the leather is of very good quality looks very nice as well... in the last 5 months alone ive spent well over 5k in repair bills... ride is a bit bumpy car handles New jersey- Philly pot holes very well I would say... Also I do think the headlights are very bright I usually don't need to turn on my high beams on dark county roads but when I do I can see everything!!! lol I will continue to drive it especially since I've paid cash for it until I feel tired of it.. I think its hard to get tired or bored of driving a Volkswagen honestly but I am tired of the repair costs!!!

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2010 VW Jetta 2.5L SE

de_maximus, 06/11/2011
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I bought my 2010 Jetta in May 2010. It is my second Jetta and 4th VW/Audi product I've owned. By far this is the best Jetta ever made. The 2010 includes many improvements over the 2009 and earlier models. The seats were given my cusion making them even more supportive. The lumbar is very good. User interface ergonomics are excellent. Interior build materials are on par with premium level vehicles. The Mk. V Jetta compares well against the likes of the Mercede-Benz C-230. The standard audio system is 8 speakers with excellent sound quality. Sunroof is smooth and quick. Everything is right where is should be in this car. It is a joy to drive or ride in around town or cross country.

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Great value and fun to drive too!

Steve, 07/26/2010
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Just leased the 2010 LE automatic last week. I have to admit this is one fun car to drive. Fit and finish are on par with BMW and Mercedes. I just came off of a 5 series BMW lease, and my wife drives a 300 AWL Benz. I actually prefer the ride of the Jetta to the Benz. Not quite a challenge to the BMW's handling and performance, but for less than half the price it's a pretty good trade off. The cabin is extremely quiet, even over rough pavement, and the car corners through turns very confidently with just modest body roll. Acceleration is reasonably quick. The car has a heftier feel to it which belies it's actual weight. This translates into what feels like a more substantial road presence.

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2010 VW Jetta Wolfsburg Manual

Home Theater Guy, 12/03/2010
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This isn't our first VW Jetta. Although, we did test drive quite a lot of cars before purchasing this one. Amongst the cars we did not purchase Audi A4, BMW 325, Hyundai Sonata, Toyota Camry, Honda Accord and Mercedes C Series. A lot of these cars had nice features, some more than others. None put it all together with a manual, a great engine and a fair price tag like VW had. We are very proud owners of these vehicle. So much so, that we purchased the 100k mile warranty. Its a keeper.

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