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Mk3 jetta / alot Of miles Per gallón

John Gianni, 10/12/2015
GL 4dr Sedan
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I got this Car for 800$ and put On it Around 2300$ But is a great invesment. Paint , socks,breaks, radiator,hoses ,housing hose, Water pump,timing belt,custom rims & tires michelline/ rims and tires same size like original recomend , front windshield,interior small parts , and clips, Many i got On eBay , junk yards ,México, vw parts - this Car is very economical To use San Diego To los Ángeles Around Trip 25$ On gas I fix it With my friends Looks Good - restored was The best desicion 1998 jetta manual Gl No words To describe is a old car But give me All i Need We have 5 cars and VW jetta MK3 family We love it !!

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I love my Jetta!

amnotafish, 03/09/2002
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After two years in this car I'm still in love with it. I drive this car hard and fast and it keeps up with everyone. It hugs the road and feels much safer than other cars I've driven. I get a lot of complments as well- especially from Jetta owners '99-'02. If something (god forbid) were to happen to this car I would have to find another. The '98's are far superior to the newer VW models and kicks my friend's Civic to the curb!

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I love this car

Midori Alexandros, 03/27/2008
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It has been a great- car. We have had to do a lot of mechanical repairs to the car, who ever sold it did not do them and that was probably why they sold it in the first place. We have done timing belt/tensioner, both drive axles, breaks, struts, engine mounts, and turn signal switch, spark plugs, plug wires, and had the engine detailed. The car has been excellent with no mishaps.

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a big bottomless hole in my wallet

okayt, 01/25/2012
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I bought this car 2 years ago. The muffler fell off twice in 1 week right after I got it along with the siding (back on w/ double-sided tape) & the spoiler. Had to fix the ignition switch, buy a new radio/cd player. Several sets of new tires. Blinker/brake light problems which only worked for a year & stopped working again. The 2 back windows are being held up with pcs of wood. The power locks don't work from the inside (they'll lock me in). AC adaptor doesn't work & I was told they couldn't fix it. The glove compartment handle snapped off. & now it's back in the shop for some unknown reason. If it's more than a couple hundred I'm buying a new car & never buying a Dub again

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Too Young To Die

Vector, 06/05/2008
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I purchased my Jetta in 2001, with only 17k. In the 7 years that Ive owned it, the rubber on the sides fell off, the cruise control went out, the keyless entry stopped working, the airbag light goes on and off, and worst of all the transmission is dying at 86,000 miles. The repair shop (a costly VW only shop) could not fix the cruise, the key or the airbag light. They said that I will have to get a new tranny, which would cost more than the car is worth. It takes a lot of effort for it (automatic transmission) to get up to 20 mph (gets up to 50 rpms), and it jerks into second gear. Once it gets to 60 mph, it's ok but it takes a lot of work to get there. Not so much fun to drive now.

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Poor Quality

vw_stinks, 04/08/2002
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My 1998 (44,000 miles) Jetta is a big disapointment. While it is a fun car to drive, it is hard to keep the car long enough to have too much fun. Since owning this vehicle I have had t the following problems: - 3 out of 4 power windows FAILED - Power Sunroof FAILED - Body molding FELL OFF (on both sides) - Power Steering Pump FAILED - factory battery FAILED after two years - Power Door locks intermitantly FAIL

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Nice car if your pockets run deep

Frooch, 05/07/2002
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No doubt about it as said above the car is fun to drive. Unfortunatly fun to drive comes at outragious cost. Maint. on these things thru your dealership will not come cheap. Waterpumps, belts, anything else with more than 3 hours labor will cost you heavily. As said above my sunroof has broken twice, 2 of the four window regulators went, 2 moldings fell off, my cd changer blew out twice and my foglights die (then physically fall off). Last but not least, after 67000 oilchange documented miles my engine blew. Reasonably priced fix of $6000- haha. The guttyworks of the car are simple to explain... garbage!

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Driver Found

Tony, 04/12/2009
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I beat the crap out of this car on a daily basis,driving it all over the Tri-state area and it has never left me stranded.Just keep up with the maintenance and they are all go! Repairs seem to be easy to do.Most of them I can do in my driveway.Could you expect anything less from a Peoples car.

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Could have been a contender.

Bing, 10/06/2009
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I like the way she drives.. I bought the car with 106k miles on it. Salvaged the ailing (automatic)transmission with transmission conditioner. The window regulators are garbage. They break often and run you over $350 a pop to put in. Don't let a substandard shop work on the car. They will cause you more problems. The car has broken motor mounts, they cause a shimmy when accelerating and cause the CV joints to wear quickly. The engine and Transmission still run really strong with 170,000 miles. Just don't think the rest of the car will last. With TLC early in the life of the car I think it would be running and looking great in every facet.

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Good car

German, 01/12/2010
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Good car, great on gas will buy an other vw again.

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