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Feels like it was just built at 108k

Calvin Luchs, 05/18/2016
2dr Hatchback (1.5L 4cyl 5M)
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A hand full of these had intermittent water pump failure. this was pretty rare, but if you're looking used inspect near the water pump for pink crust, it's a dead give away. That out of the way, I am a regular sized college student. I got this to be reliable, hearty, and get good fuel economy. I have slammed 15000 miles on it in the year I've owned it, and It has had literally nothing wrong. No squeaks, rattles, nothing. I put oil in it. That is it. If you're a guy living in america, your buddies may jag you off about this car at first but the fact of the matter is I drove to my friends house to help him fix his Lincoln in my little Toyota. Another friend with a jeep attempted to join us but his car caught fire. You will outlast anything but perhaps old Honda motorcycles with this car. For some anecdotal stuff: -I have driven in one pittsburgh winter and with half life all seasons I had no trouble getting up steep, 4 to 5 inch deep snow packed gradients. AWD cop cars were sliding down the hill past me, but the yaris kept on going. -I put my girlfriend, her dog and it's crate, and a week and a half worth of food in the back (Seats down) and drove 790 miles to Maryland and averaged 39 mpg doing it. coming back i actually got 42. On a straight highway drive at 60 miles per hour i can actually get 49 mpg reliably, with the 5 speed manual. -I learned to drive stick in this car, and even with me buggering the clutch repeatedly while learning, The shifts are quick and easy, and the clutch is a little on the tighter side when new, but it wears nicely and lasts a long time. There is nothing difficult about working on this car, and usually i don't need to jack it up for routine maintenance because it sits rather high on it's wheels, which also gives good visibility. The suspension isn't sophisticated, but it works pretty well, and the seats are awesome. You can take some pretty serious bumps without suffering in this car. Had one minor accident, sun got in my eyes and I lost sight of the road and at about 15 miles an hour slammed into a lady in a big old saturn station wagon. No damage whatsoever. Tires are cheap as dirt, and so is just about everything else for this car. Overall I love it. and If you're worried your more "Merica" friends will give you garbage, they probably will, but by the time their dodge has eaten it's 9th transmission in 45k miles, they'll come to love the car of the person who's repeatedly bailed them out and helped keep their scrap on the road :) Comfy, reliable, cheap and easy to fix and run, and everything is bolted together to a german- like standard of build quality, with a toyota- like standard of precision and engineering. Fantastic car.

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The Most Reliable Car Ever

teamyaris, 07/20/2014
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First, a little about myself. I am a 55 year old male who has owned more than a dozen cars in his lifetime, including trucks, SUVs, minivans, and a variety of small cars including Hondas, Toyotas, and Fords, dating back to the 1970s. Without a doubt, this is the most reliable and lowest cost of ownership car I have ever owned. I bought it new for $12,000 and it is now nearing 100K miles. Other than oil changes and topping off the fluids, and changing tires, it is maintenance free. Manual transmission has been fun to drive, easy to keep up with the traffic flow at speeds up to 70 mph. Mileage is 38-42mpg. Who needs a hybrid? Headroom is fine and the hatchback is convenient.

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Worth it.

Elaine, 11/01/2010
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I bought this car brand new and I must say I have not been disappointed. For $13,500 there is no way I could have gotten a better new car than this. It is fun to drive (had a 00 Volvo before this) and you get great gas mileage. Makes great U-turns and I can actually parallel park with this car. As far as built quality, well that is where it really could do better. Too much cheap plastic and the inside cloth on the driver's door is fading for some reason. As far as reliability goes, I see it lasting forever. I've put 17K miles on it and have done only the oil changes.

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very pleased

heatherx360, 08/03/2012
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I bought this car in February after my volkswagen beetle and bmw both croaked, and costed over 5500.00 to repair each. I didnt like it at first but fell in love after. The style it cute, plenty of room, better mpg than prius cost is almost half, doesnt have all that eletrical junk that seems to always fail, cheap to fix and easy to work on, cheap car but everything is built with great quality unlike volkswagens cheap plastic everything, very easy to park. Im a delivery driver and couldnt ask for a better car. Parents owned 7 toyotas and none had less than 250k miles one had 326k still running today. the yaris has everything plus the toyota reliability and it wont break your bank

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This car deserves better press!

Jon, 10/23/2010
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A great, well-designed little car. Very comfortable for me (I'm 6'2", 220#) with more headroom than my Dad's minivan and more knee room than my friend's Mazda 3. As a tall person who usually finds the steering wheel partially blocking the speedometer, I actually found the center-mount speedo an improvement. Have driven the car through Wyoming blizzards and ugly urban commutes and found it pleasant, sturdy and nimble. It also holds a lot, like me, my 2-man crew, 2 tool boxes, & 25 gallons of paint (never thought the Yaris would muscle in on my pick-up!). Best mileage I've had was 42mpg on a run between S.F. and Reno. The worst was 25 mpg in urban stop & go commuting (using no freeways at all).

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