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Beats a Lexus GX470 hands down

Bmac, 06/06/2009
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We needed a little more room with the addition of a third child to our family. We traded in our Lexus GX470 and the only thing we miss is the complimentary loaner car a few times a year for oil changes. The Sequoia goes through any mild to medium difficulty 4wd trails with no problem. On more difficult stuff, I feel a lot less guilty about bottoming out a Sequoia than a Lexus...and my pocket book doesn't pay nearly as much for the plastic you replace on the Lexus. If I had it to do over, I would have bought a Sequoia 4wd in the 1st place. Sure, the Lexus won 4wd drive magazine 4- wheeler of the year a few times, but how often do you do Rincon. I can bang my Sequoia around w/no regrets.

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What happened to Toyota?

Mom of Two, 03/02/2010
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Previous happy Toyota owner. I have had nothing but problems - electrical problems with this SUV since I got it. Toyota seems to not care. I tried arbitration with no luck. My car at 2 yrs old spent ONE month at the dealer maintenance only to have more electrical problems. I cannot let it idle without it wanting to stall - such a bummer when stuck in traffic!! At the time of arbitration Toyota claimed that the car is working at that instant so there is no issue, they will continue to fix problems that arise. That is not product reliability to me. I think I got stuck with the lemon.

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2006 Toyota Sequoia

the doc, 10/28/2008
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I bought my 2006 Sequoia new. I have owned it over 2 years and driven it almost 30000 miles. I have to say that it has been a great vehicle. The quality has been exceptional. It is a large SUV with a V 8, so gas mileage is what it is. The vehicle is very quiet at high or low speeds. The vehicle has been very reliable and only been to the shop for regular maintenance.

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Significant Noise Problem

Ketan Vyas, 11/09/2006
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I bought a new Sequoia in June 2006. The very first time I drove on interstate I noticed humming noise of drive shaft at speed of 60 mph. This is some time appreciated in old real wheel drive cars. But not in a new vehicle which costs $52000. I cannot get either dealer or Toyota to fix this or take the vehicle back. In order to stay comfortable you need to drive at the speed lower than 60 mph. I am amazed the way I am treated by Toyota and the dealership. I used to be a Toyota fan. I recommend everyone to drive this vehicle on highway before buying. I am sure some of other sequoia owners might have experienced the same problem what Toyota calls "normal characteristic of vehicle."

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Tough to beat in this class

sammyray, 03/14/2006
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Excellent quality... no squeaks, rattles, everything solid. Takes a while to get used to the size (if used to a smaller car)... braking in particular takes longer due to the high weight. Time-proven Toyota engine. Lots of room, visibility excellent but need to check corners by sight and not rely on mirrors. Had an Explorer and, while reasonably reliable, got tired of incessant rattles and relatively poor build quality. Good sound quality, controls user-friendly. Very happy with the vehicle, would recommend based on experience so far.

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gds5, 05/03/2009
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5/2009 bought a 2006 sequoia, used but new to us. We searched and test drove numerous cars - loading and unloading 3 smaller kids into each for test drives. Toyota Seqouia's withstood our kid tested-mother approved! It definitely is a beast of a vehicle but with running boards the kids can easily handle getting in and out. Our 4 yr old can easily buckle herself up now, couldn't in our dodge mini van. 3 kids (2 in car seats) fit totally comfortably in the middle bench seat. Easy fold up seat to get to the 3rd row. Totally surprised I didn't have to give up much trunk space. This vehicle fell into our lap and we jumped on it; even though it had higher miles we've been told Toyota's are long lasting!

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Comfortable Road Trips

nt, 03/17/2010
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For a family of four this SUV takes us where we want without any bad experiences on the road. From our Chicago home to the mountain roads of Mt.Rushmore or to the Niagara Falls, two trips to New York, occasional camping trips this truck just keeps on going. I just had two repairs since I own this sequoia; one for the rear passenger ac climate control and the rear window wiper motor replaced.

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Best Gas Mileage V8 SUV

jj, 06/03/2008
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After searching for the right sized auto with regard to value, we chose this beautiful 7 seater suv. Plenty of power for passing and hauling. Comfortable for everyone on long drives and the average gas mileage is 15.9, which is amazing compared to others in this class.

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Our first Sequoia

g4zilla, 02/05/2006
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We're 500 miles into our 2006 Sequoia, and are very impressed. This rig is smooth, rock solid, and very well appointed. Our kids, both teenagers, love the roominess ("Dad! My knees don't touch your seat!") and I look forward to Toyota's legendary dependability. Though it's a large SUV, it handles like a smaller vehicle. I never feel as though I'm driving a school bus! Recently, my son and I were traveling on the highway, and he turned to me and said, "Dad, this Sequoia is so quiet!" He was absolutely right. I looked down at the speedometer...oops, 80 mph! And that is my final point: the quiet, smooth ride betrays nothing of your speed.

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WOW!!! This is nice

marv, 10/17/2006
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After looking at the upper end American suvs and Lexus GX and LX 470s, this suv just seemed to stand out. It has the complete package for me. It's (the limited model) style, comfort, quality, sound system, size and quietness all seemed to outshine the others. I'm averaging 15.1 MPG around town with the V8 and 18.4 on the freeway. My wife's Jeep Liberty (3.7L) only averages 14.3 in town! So far an outstanding SUV.

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