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2017 Toyota Prius

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The 2017 Toyota Prius isn't much different from the 2016 edition. That's not surprising, since the 2016 Prius had been redesigned from the ground up — and still managed to look like the previous Priuses. After all, the Prius is an icon. It's the gas-electric hybrid car to which all other hybrids must be compared. There is now a growing range of Prius vehicles, but this car is successor to the original.

First on the Prius' list of virtues is fuel economy. The basic Prius is rated by the EPA to sip fuel at the rate of 52 mpg combined (54 city/50 highway). The even stingier Eco model gets 56 mpg combined (58 city/53 highway.)

The 2017 Toyota Prius is also a practical car. This tadpole-shaped paragon of packaging efficiency has five doors (including the rear hatchback) for loading people and cargo and provides plenty of room once they're in. And since it often operates on its electric drive system, it's quiet, with muted road noise.

Toyota's Entune integrated communications and entertainment system can sometimes be inelegant and the smartphone app that goes with it frustrating, but overall the interface between Prius, personal technology and human being is something to which you can quickly acclimate.

The Prius drivetrain features a 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine that produces 95-horsepower, and it's supplemented by a pair of electric motors housed within a continuously variable transmission driving the front wheels. The electricity comes from a regenerative braking system and the gasoline engine itself, and is stored in a lithium-ion battery pack. The end result is a modest peak of 121 hp, which means the Prius is not particularly swift.

There are three Prius models: Two, Three and Four, with each representing a bit more lavish equipment and a bit higher price. Beyond that there are the Two Eco, Three Touring and Four Touring sub-models. There's no way to make a Prius sporty, but the Touring models are nearly luxurious.

There's something pure about the Prius. It wasn't the first purpose-built hybrid, but it was the first to earn significant sales and it's the one that people see when they think ?hybrid.? It's one idea pursued relentlessly since the Prius hit the market in 1997.

Today's car market is filled with hybrids featuring a dizzying variety of technologies. Edmunds can help you decide if the 2017 Toyota Prius is the one that's your perfect fit.