2011 Toyota Prius - Edmunds Ratings

2011 Toyota Prius Two (1.8L 4-cyl. Hybrid CVT Automatic)
Date Driven: 2/27/2009 (2010 Prius 1)
Performance No one expects a Prius to be truly quick, and ours wasn't. But the 2010 model has enough sauce to merge comfortably and maneuver through traffic, even while carrying a 50-mpg fuel economy rating.
Driving Dynamics The low rolling resistance tires used here don't produce much cornering grip and the steering isn't particularly direct, a combination that makes the Prius feel up on tiptoes. Panic stopping performance is reassuring.
Ride Comfort Bumps and potholes pose no significant problem. It's not plush, but the ride is steady and composed.
Quietness Noise levels are all over the map. It's very quiet for brief periods in electric mode, but the engine sometimes revs higher than expected and the hybrid system makes an assortment of odd sounds. Road noise is no better than average.
Ergonomics The center-mounted gauges are a love-it-or-hate-it design. Radio, climate and other controls are easy to operate, but the shifter arrangement is quite odd. Despite a new telescopic feature, the steering wheel is a long reach for some.
Visibility Lots of glass, a sloping hood and good headlights make forward visibility a breeze, day or night. Rear visibilitiy is good, too, thanks to a vertical glass panel between the rear taillights.
Seat Access & Space The Prius' distinctive high roofline provides good headroom and excellent legroom, front and rear -- one reason why you see these used as taxis. It's a bit narrow for three-across seating in the rear, though.
Cargo & Storage There's a lot more usable space behind the rear seats than almost any regular trunk out there. Cargo space just about doubles when the 60/40 fold-flat seats are, well, folded flat.
Build Quality The Prius is put together well, though some of the material choices are ordinary and obviously price-driven. Solid, but not exemplary.

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