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Love this Subaru

Janice L Ricci, 04/11/2015
3.6R Limited 4dr SUV AWD (3.6L 6cyl CVT)
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This is our 1st Subaru. Purchased the 3.6, 6 cylinder Outback with Eyesight and Navigation in October 2015. Commute over 100 miles every day between NH and MA. This vehicle performs well in all driving conditions. We have never been stuck in the snow and we had a horrendous winter. It has plenty of power, seats are comfortable, heat and defrost work well. The navigation is very easy to use and the adaptive cruise control is amazing. We use the Mobil 1 synthetic oil and have not had any issues with mechanics or electronics. The computer voice even tells you that the vehicle ahead has moved- if you've stopped and not paying attention. The lane departure warning is a great feature.

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Great Car, Great Value

riverdriver, 02/12/2015
2.5i Limited 4dr SUV AWD (2.5L 4cyl CVT)
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We traded our 2014 Outback for a 2015 and it is a completely different car. This car is much closer to the Volvo we traded for the 2014 at a fraction of the cost. Things we like: - It handles and tracks great - No jackrabbit starts like the throttle on the 2014 - No harsh suspension feedback like on the Volvo - Quieter ride - Big improvement in the GPS/infotainment system. Improved ergonomics of controls. - Great fuel efficiency for this sized vehicle - Better than my 4WD truck in snow and slippery conditions. - We continue to find features we didn't realize it had.

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Loving this vehicle!

dlw2001, 07/21/2014
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This is an early review because i just got my '15 Outback Limited. Have only about 200 miles on it. The car is fantastic. I was afraid of choosing the 4 over the 6, thought i would want more power since i've never driven a car with less than 220 horses or a turbo. Maybe i'm getting old but the power seems just fine, like I don't know when I will really need more, and most of the time one doesn't. On the other hand the gas mileage is what really makes me glad I got the 4. So far just driving the heck out of it including a very long bumpy and hilly dirt road it just keeps creeping upward, now to 26 mpgs... all around the town. It has a pleasant manner and is very quiet. Love the interior.

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Different Point of View

molder, 12/21/2014
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I have always been a GM person. A couple years back I went to work for a supplier to Subaru. It was time to buy a new car and after being involved as a supplier I found just how quality minded Subaru is. Its my job to over see the plastic molding for the doors and dashboards for the 2015 Outback and Legacy. We scrap any molding that has the smallest imprafection. We make 925 car units a day and after multi inspections they are ready to head for the assembly line at the Subaru plant in Lafayette, Indiana. In October I took delivery of a 2015 Outback and its just a very nice car to drive. I have a 16 ft travel trailer weighting 2400 lbs and this car pulls it very well.

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Worth the wait

nchesanow, 11/24/2014
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I've only had the vehicle for 4 1/2 days. I was able to mate my iPhone to the car on the first try. I used a voice command to change the temperature on the first try. The radio comes with 36 presets, instead of the usual six. In 28 degrees, the heater heats the entire vehicle in 5 minutes flat. Some auto writers feel its looks are ho-hum. When I pulled into the first shopping mall, three store owners came out to admire it. Great-looking metallic paint is standard ($550 extra on a BMW). The speed appears in large numbers in the dash over the steering wheel, so you don't have to look at the speedometer. The nav system directions also appear over the steering wheel. No need to look at the map.

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