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Wait for the 2011

CarProGA, 06/26/2009
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This car has terrible squeaks and rattles. It drives well but feels underpowered in the mountains of Georgia. I would wait and see if they work out some issues for 2011. Fit and finish and power anemic as well as strange feeling seats after about an hour in the car.

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Very Disappointed

sarah19goddess, 11/17/2012
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Bought this car new off the lot and I have owned it for 1.5 years. From the very start I've had nothing but problems. Here's a list of issues: The GPS hard drive unit crapped out, entire unit replaced. Sun roof leaked twice in the first rains. Had to have new seals put in and buy a car cover. Sound system has been horrible from the start. At low volume the sound goes in and out in waves. Plastic seat casing along driver side seat kept popping off the track and then cracked. Passenger seat motor died, replaced. Check engine light keeps reappearing for gas cap (erroneously). Electronic e-break system keeps getting stuck engaged causing excessive wear. There's more but I'm out of characters.

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Never again update never never

Ray, 07/24/2016
2.5i 4dr SUV AWD (2.5L 4cyl CVT)
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I like to keep cars as long as I can, We bought this car new thinking it would last us 10 to 15 yrs, Now I'm not so sure it will, we are about 6 yrs in and have put way to much into it to get it here. the first problem we had at about 15000 miles was the brakes, the rear pads fell out wrecking the caliper, at less than 20000, the tires were shot, uneven wear, we are now at about 92000, and on our 4th set always uneven wear, we have to have it alinged twice a year because it won't stay alinged. Have had that done by a few different shops and found one that can do it really well and seems to last the longest. Other problems the ac sucks, dealer looked at says it's ok, still sucks, poor line of sight, the rear view mirior is in the wrong place, and the roof towers block a lot, also the shocks in the rear had to be replace at 15000, now they all need replacing again, all the wheel bearings have been done, front ball joints, brake pads at least on the third or 4th set, and the list keeps going, all the brake disc, Now for the second time it had to be towed to the dealer because the ignition switch is stuck, can't wait to get that bill, and to top it off it's about time to do the belts. We are not rich and this car has been hard for us, new this car was to much money. I hope this helps other people when buying a car. Update, so still have th car because I like no car payment. But we keep having to do a lot of work to it, hard to keep tires the alignment goes out a lot and runes the tires, lost count of breaks we have done, rusting out now hope to get a couple more years before I bring to the salvage yard, had to replace all the ball joints and a arms where shot. Just an all around pice of junk. But a thousand here and there still works out better than a car payment. 110000 miles or so now.

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Good Value

hokie_dad, 07/20/2011
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Our Outback is now 2 years old and has been a great vehicle. It's big enough for trips around town, yet fits in the garage. It has more than enough leg room in the rear seat and still have plenty of cargo room. The CVT transmission takes a little getting used to, but overall has been great. It'll take a second to build revs when you hit the gas, but a normal transmission would take a second to downshift too, so it's about the same. Child seat is easy to install and remove. Our Outback has been averaging 28 mpg with mostly intown driving. On a recent trip, the highway MPG was averaging 34. I've seen a lot of complaints about steering issues. I haven't experienced any, ours does fine.

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Go for the 3.6R Limited!

rpr, 08/16/2009
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Our 2005 Forester was in an accident so we test drove the new Subaru's and were thoroughly impressed with the 2010 Outbacks. The 4 cyl didn't have enough power for us, so we went w/ the 3.6. Didn't like the fabric on the seats on the Premium models, and we needed bluetooth, side view mirror defrost & auto climate control, so we went with the Limited. Outstanding redesign, plenty of power, good fuel economy, extremely comfortable interior, very quiet (much improved w/o the frameless windows). One thing to look out for, these 3.6 engines can have a fairly bad hesitation when accelerating from low speeds. Many may not notice it, but I trust/hope there will be a TSB fix from Subaru.

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