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Liked my old one better

Nancy, 10/15/2007
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My 2006 Outback is the second one that I have purchased. I bought it sight unseen based upon my satisfaction with my 2000 Outback. My 2000 & I were in a near fatal road rage accident where I was forced off the road & hit a telephone pole head on at 50 MPH. I survived with very minor injuries but alas, the car did not. I really loved my 2000 Outback. I can't say the same about my 2006. As soon as I sat in it,I knew it was not the same vehicle. The seats were less comfortable, acceleration was not as good, the side view mirrors have huge blindspots due to the redesign. The windows whistle, The body is less sturdy, the glove box too small,cheap cup holders, donut tire, basically made cheaper.

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A superior fast touring car

Hans Harald, 06/01/2009
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Am 70 years old now, owned some very nice and powerful cars during my life, this one is the most satisfying of them all, by far, especially after replacing the OEM Yokohamas with Michelins (see below under "suggested improvements"), which actually make the car do what I am waxing about in this review!

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Only time I've bought a 3rd one.

Jon C., 10/16/2005
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Compared to other SUV's I tried, this one is the only one that didn't handle like a truck (compared to Ford Explorer, Nissan Xterra, etc.) and didn't get buffeted around in the wind. This is the 3rd one I've owned and it is still the best snow car I've ever driven (I ski and regularly go into snow country). It also quite adequately tows my boat. My only gripe is that the current model's "sport automatic" drive is not as smooth as my last one (2002).

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It's like a cockroach - it's almost indestructible

sherry32, 01/24/2013
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My 2006 Outback Wagon has over 132,000 miles on it, and has been completely trouble free for 7 years. It drives no differently than it did when it was new. I'd actually kind of like a new car, but it's hard to justify the expense when this one is paid for and is so reliable.

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Worry free vehicle

dozer, 04/04/2012
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I bought my 5spd OBXT Limited new back in '06. Have not had a single problem after 6 years and 53K miles. The car is bullet proof, both mechanically and cosmetically. Paint has held up extemely well, very chip resistant. As for traction, the car is unstoppable in snow. Two foot drifts barely register with the Subie's tenacious AWD and ample road clearance. If you live in or near a snow belt, these cars are at the very top of the food chain. Best part is performance. The XT has some STi DNA. It eats Audi A4's for lunch in the stoplight wars. Reliability, unflappable AWD, lightening quick w/turbo, sharp looking. Love it, love it, love it! I plan to hopefully ride it another 6 years.

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