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Worst car I ever owned

ely, 08/08/2008
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Within a year, the head gasket blew, damaging the radiator, and leaving me stranded in the desert. Since it was almost out of warranty, the dealer kept saying he didn't know what the problem was. As soon as the gasket was out of warranty, the dealer miraculously diagnosed the problem. Subaru covered only a small % of the nearly $2,000 bill. Other problems: catalytic converter (engine light always on); heat shield always coming loose; ball joint replaced several times; broken sway bar; 2 transmissions in 4 months; engine stills runs so hot it feels like heater is on; noisy; poor acceleration.

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Sub 2000

luck11, 07/25/2003
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Its fun to drive and I find the engine performance adequate for my needs, even though some suggest it is weak. I have had min probs with this vehicle and will be trading up to the new 2005s when they are available. AWD is amazing and its incredible how you take it for granted. I had to haul a large load and used my dad's 1991 Ford f-150 4x4. It snowed. What a difference! To have to conciously engage and disengage when hitting dry pavement. What a pain!!! With my Sub, when I accel from a traff light in snow, the wheels simply do not spin. I'm always 1st car off the mark.

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Solid ride

MOutback, 01/29/2004
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This car is solid, but needs more power and refinement. The ride is smooth, handling is balanced, interior is comfortable, traction is superb, and ergonomics are decent. Of course, the key selling point was the AWD and Subaru dependability, which have proven their worth. Plus, it's good looking. After 38K miles, the only problem I've had was a bad AC compressor, which was covered by the warranty. But I'm glad I don't have the McIntosh stereo (what a loser). I'd gladly buy another, especially the 2005 model, which promises to be an excellent improvement.

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Never Another Subaru

Tom, 11/03/2006
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This car has been a money pit. Head gasket blew at 58k, fortunately covered under warranty, but now at 125K am told that it needs another head gasket ($1700). According to many internet sites this has been a problem but one Subaru refuses to acknowledge. Both front wheel bearings went out to a tune of $550 each. When brakes needed to be replaced, everything had to be replaced $850. Check engine light comes on on a regular basis the same sensor has been replaced 3 times, $550. The last time check engine light came, technician said code indicated possible bad catalytic converter, $1600 to replace if needed.

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Bad Clutch and blown head gasket

Bob Rian, 03/02/2004
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Clutch has shudder and rotten egg smell from day one and dealer will do nothing about it. Blown head gasket at 34,100 miles. Service Bulletin says put in special conditioning coolant to prevent leakeage. Wheel wells quickly build up with ice in winter conditions. When new the check engine light resulted in 4 trips to the dealer. Factory Firestone tires are poor in snow.

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