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So far so good

mark york,pa, 10/03/2010
Limited 4dr Sedan AWD
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Bought car new in 2000. Have 203k miles Passed down to college daughter. We had an infrequent problem with intermittent stalling and CEL. This had been occurring since new but could not solve the issue. Codes indicated MAP Sensor and replaced with used one for $50. Did NOT solve problem. Did an ECM reprogram for $90 at dealership and fixed problem! We do regular maint and car has been great. Great value, pretty good gas mileage but most importantly safe and reliable. Desirable combination. Would recommend you find a well kept one and go buy it!

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Perfect Arizona car!

Desertrider, 10/04/2015
4dr Wagon AWD
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We have owned this car for three years now and I am still in love. We like to take the road less traveled (or nearly nonexistent) and this car delivers. More than once we have encountered people in lifted 4x4 trucks who are always amazed to see us. On the highway, the mileage is decent and it sticks to the twistiest road like a champ. Maintenence is easy and the engine is a reliable workhorse. The back seats and cargo areas are well designed. My only complaint is that vibration and road noise is a bit of a problem. The pros of this car far outweigh that one con.

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Highly Recommend

smColour, 01/28/2009
4dr Wagon AWD
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I highly recommend this car to anyone who regularly drives in not so good road conditions. This car was my first real purchase at age 18 and I love every second with it. With the winter weather conditions of 8 feet of snow in Southern Oregon, this car has had no problem it it. It is comfortable in long road trips and very reliable. Nothing has gone wrong with it (knock on wood) but even if something does, the performance I've had so far already makes up for any future errors. It doesn't get the best mileage, although for all wheel drive it's pretty good. I love my Subaru Outback and wouldn't make a trade for anything.

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linkinparker, 05/13/2011
4dr Wagon AWD
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If my 2000 outback has engine problems then i say thank god the old owners took care of them, i inherited it from my folks when it had 160k miles on it, after 6 years, its just over 270k miles on it, i write this review mainly for my love for my outback and mind you i have to get rid of it soon and the new models arent as reliable if you see this and want something that reliable, practical, and can carry a occasional heavy item then this is your car. Since i've gotten this car i've only really spent about a grand total into minus the norms, gas, wheels, oil changes, ect. wish subaru made their cars like they did back in the early 2ks.

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brenda, 07/26/2010
Limited 4dr Wagon AWD
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Overall same issues most have had with this vehicle. Head gasket went at 90k, check engine light always coming on. Oxygen sensor, at 165k tensioner on timing belt went out. Basically had to rebuild the engine. New alternator and ac. Have had several thousand $$ worth of repairs. A lot of wind noise on the hwy. On the plus side, awd is awesome, only limited by the clearance. Really like the look of the car. I loved the vehicles performance overall but disappointed with the amt of $$ I had to shell out on repairs. Wish Subaru would fix some of the mechanical issues as I probably will not buy another Subaru unless some assurance that these common problems have been resolved.

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