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Can't part with it.

ctgal, 11/13/2010
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I bought my subie because I needed a reliable car to get me back and forth to work every day in the NW CT hills. Through snow, ice, torrential rains, you name it. 120 miles a day. This car never failed me and was fun to drive! Finally, at 150,000 miles and 3 trips from East Coast to West Coast, it needed a new head gasket. There is no rust on this car and the finish looks as good as the day I bought it. There is a little wind noise from the driver's side window but I never felt noise was a problem. Now, with 175,000 miles, the car lives in sunny CA where I hope to put another 75K on it driving back and forth to the Sierra Nevada. Still has the pep of a youngster.

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Be cautious if buying used

bm16v, 11/23/2011
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Bought this vehicle used and it has not been a great experience. Overall, the car is ok but if you are in the market for this model, go above and beyond to see if the vehicle has any oil consumption issues. My car eats oil like crazy and after researching "oil consumption subaru" I have learned I am not alone. I've switched to a thicker oil and have just learned to live with the issue. I have had several VW's and now appreciate what I had with the VR6 engine. Looking forward to seeing how this thing does in the snow, but I really don't like driving this car. Subarus can be good, but this thing is getting sold in the spring.

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Really Reliable Subie

Adrian, 06/01/2016
GT Limited AWD 4dr Sedan (2.5L 4cyl 4A)
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I traded my piece of crap truck for my 2002 Subaru Legacy GT Limited, and it has been really reliable for me. It had 239,000 miles on it when i got it, and I have put almost 10,000 miles on her since I got her. I'm a delivery driver at a pizza company, and so I really depend on my car, and it has not failed me once. Occasionally when I'm at a complete standstill while in either reverse or drive, I'll hear a little knocking sound, but It hasn't really effected my Subie's performance at all. I live in California, so I don't really have to deal with the snow, but even still, it's been fun having her. I really don't want to get rid of her until she runs into the ground. Handles like a dream, hugs corners nicely. Not a racing car, but something to get you from point A to point B without having to worry about reliability issues.

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Fun to drive around mountains roads.

Glenn, 07/21/2008
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My car has over 170000 on it. It's still very tight and smooth. It's great in the snow (under 8") with new tires on. I've always had problems with the brakes (front calipers) and of course the wind noise. The check engine light has been on for a long time. New Catalytic converter cost over $1500). All my driving is highway but I haven't done the timing belt yet. I'll do it soon. The dealer was able to correct 50% of the wind noise. The rear defroster isn't very strong compared to other cars. I drive over 1000 miles every week. It only gets 25- 27MPG (due to the AWD and the weight of the car.

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I will never buy another Subaru

trs1997, 05/17/2010
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I bought my 2002 Subaru Legacy GT Sedan Automatic used (36k). Since then, I have had every service performed, including oil changed every 3500 miles. At 92k miles I had to replace the head gaskets (both sides) $1800. At 120k miles the moon roof computer went out (probably used 3 times a year $500) At 126k miles it spun the #3 Rod Bearing and damaged the Crankshaft. ($4300) - the dealer stocks the short block which tells me they are having LOTS of problems with this motor. This car has never been neglected or abused and always had factory parts as replacement. I am very disappointed in this purchase and now I have no car because it's motor blew and it's at the repair shop with no money to fix it

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wew, 12/31/2008
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I had this subie for 9 months. It blow one head gasket. So I replaced both of them, after 700 miles it cracked a head. The head lights keep burning out. Wind noise is very loud. Its just a junkie car. Rust is coming in on the rear doors buy the seams. I wash and take care of my cars. But after 5 years and 85,000 miles its just junkie. I will never buy a sub again.

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We hate this car! Bring back the '94!

Dannaca, 12/29/2008
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I bought this car because I had owned a 94 and loved it. The only thing the 02 has in common with the 94 is the name! It has horrible wind noise, uncomfortable front seats, cramped back seats, bad steering components. I have had more work done to this car than I ever needed in the 94 and it needs more work even now. Also there is no power in the vehicle at all. It is as slow as the Prizm I owned before it but at least I expected that from the Prizm!

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Reliable all-weather performer

ttran, 06/06/2009
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Bought mine at the tail end of winter in MN. Wish I bought it earlier! This thing plows snow like a champ, especially with the Blizzaks. Truly a vehicle of choice in the winter. Now that it's summer time I'm starting to notice the noise. I don't get any wind noise but the engine and road noise is definitely noticeable. I'm hoping my next set of tires will solve the road noise but I'm not sure what to do about the engine noise. Very buzzy. Handles well but could use more power. I give this a 10 during the winter and a 6.5 for the summer.

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Piece of junk, NEVER again

Mike Kelly, 10/19/2009
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This car seemed like a good purchase when my wife and I moved to a hilly location in NW NY. After putting on $600 snows it was only ok in the snow. Soon after, the car began excessively smoking and subaru of north america was absolutely no help at all. Apparently this is normal in these piece of garbage cars. Now with 120k on the car we have had problems with almost everything- right down to the clear coat starting to peel. I have had many subarus and they all had their problems but nothing near this. Never ever again will I go anywhere near this company and I have absolutely nothing good to say about them. It is unfortunate because I truly believed they produced a good product.

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Clutch issues

krussell, 07/22/2010
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I had to replace the clutch in 2008 and now am told I need another clutch! Quoted price is $1000 this seems ridiculous to me. HELP!

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