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2009 Subaru Impreza - Poor in Heavy Snow

djarvinen, 12/17/2010
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The 2009 Subaru Impreza we purchased has for the most part been a very good car. It handles well, has plenty of power, controls are well placed, is spacious and has very nice styling. The big problem is handling in heavy snow! The car has a design flaw that allows snow to build up above the front axle which causes heavy vibrations above 45 mph. At 60 mph the vibrations become violent. We were told by the dealership that we would need to use a high pressure hose to clear the snow out (pretty hard to do in inclement weather/conditions).

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I love my impreza

ascehp, 02/07/2011
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Ive had this car for a month or so, drive it daily as does my husband who kinda thinks its his. Only have a couple of complaints- Interior space is small, my husband who's 6'3 has to push driverside chair all the way back. My toddler's seat sits pretty close to front, so his footprints are everywhere. also found out about the snow issue prev mentioned. Only found out bc husband likes squishing piles of snow. Once the engine was hot it melted and everything was fine. Got up to 65 before shaking started and it was minor. Still I love my car and so does everyone who gets to drive it!

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1,000 of people with engine failure

Tom Williams, 01/19/2016
2.5i 4dr Sedan AWD (2.5L 4cyl 5M)
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I bought this car with 27,000 miles. at around 70,000 miles CEL for misfire in cylinder 4. I couldn't diagnose the problem with hours of testing, part swaps, and research. within 5,000 miles engine blew. The camshaft seals walked themselves out of the block and it dumped all it's oil and blew almost instantly. Called SoA and they claimed that their engine did have a problem with this but because I can't prove I ever changed my oil they wouldn't help me. I, like many other people in this world change my own oil. Never thought about saving receipts, but every 5,000 miles I put mobile 1 full synthetic in. Customer support was terrible, and the dealership actually damaged my car when they diagnosed it. I left it with a cracked bumper and got it back with scratches on the driver side doors, and the bumper was ripped off and laying on the ground. I have never been so disgusted with an automotive manufacturer or a dealership. If you have one of these be sure to document oil changes and get a warranty for it or walk away.

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Good while it lasted!

AshJWilliams, 08/20/2009
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In the last year I've experienced a complete engine failure due to spun rod bearing (as have 100's of others US and abroad), driven with an intermittent CEL for 2 months and been to the dealership 4 different times to have the problem resolved, I have multiple issues with the factory ECU tuning including a severe occasional hesitation, and about a dozen other manufacturer defects and dealer workmanship issues including a damaged intercooler, multiple components installed improperly, multiple components not installed at all (missing bolts, etc), and the vehicle now makes a wide array of abnormal noises. Was fun to drive when it was running properly, but trust me its not worth the hassle!

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rod knocking and spun a ring, at 34k miles

zwzachary87, 03/21/2012
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I have a 2009 Subaru Impreza sedan and it just did the same thing at 34k miles, I was getting on to the highway and my check engine light came on then traction control light and started knocking pulled over checked oil it was bone dry 3 QUARTS LOW, rod in motor started knocking car spun a ring. Subaru is warranting the motor which is a good thing but i am a little worried about how they are talking about fixing my motor eater they will replace the bad parts with new, or they will order a short block for my car and i have a problem with those options because of the fact of you are taking your heads off the motor that has been damaged and putting them on the new short block well i have a problem with this because what is to say the heads were not damaged from not being lubricated and foreign material from shavings in the motor. i have my oil changed every 7500 miles because i run fully synthetic oil and i only have the dealer work on my car. 0n 2/3/12/ car had 29800k miles on it when i had the oil changed and transmission serviced, on 3/15/12 car had 34000k miles on it when it chose to break down and i checked my oil 2 1/2 weeks ago and it was full car has not been tampered with at all please if this has happened to anyone i would really like to know

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