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Solid and smooth

Joe, 04/10/2009
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I've had my new Outback Sport for a few weeks now and have been very satisfied with it so far. I'm still getting used to the different (read: better) handling of the AWD. I test drove roughly similar vehicles (Honda Fit and VW Rabbit) and this Subaru, while more expensive, just felt much more intuitive and well thought-out. The seat warmers are nice and standard on this trim. The fuel economy is better than expected (26-27 mpg city+highway), even this early in the car's lifetime.

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09 Impreza 2.5i Hatch

ricky0018, 07/01/2009
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Performance-enough to keep me satisfied. Styling-nothing too dramatic but it does stand out. Interior-6' 200lbs guy here, more than comfortable. Quality-right materials used in all the right places. MPG's-runs on 87 octane and averages 27-28 city, can't complain! Haven't hit the highway yet.

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Love the newer model

Repeat owner, 07/01/2009
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I just traded in my 2004 Outback Sport for the 2009 because I loved my 2004 so much but it was beginning to cost too much to maintain after 135,000 miles. I thought I was getting a new version of my old car, but this one is like driving a different car and I LOVE it. It's got lots of spunk, gas mileage is decent so far, and just overall fun to drive because it holds the road and doesn't let go, even through rough roads under construction. She feels solid and well-built, and am once again so glad I chose this Subaru model. I've driven Foresters as loaner cars that didn't feel quite as solid with the same level of quick response, and this car is a few thousand $$ less expensive.

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First time owner

First time owner, 08/09/2009
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This is my very first Subaru car (2009 Impreza Outback Sports), and I'm loving every minute of it. I've test drove the base model version, and I'll tell you that the Impreza Outback Sports was a very good choice. Also, I've driven the Outback Legacy as a loaner car, and I'm not very impress by the way it drives. Impreza Outback Sports is very fun to drive, very smooth on bumps and pot holes, and hugs the road very well. Although the gas mileage is under subpar, I wouldn't hesitate to buy another one. Furthermore, what I really like about the vehicle is the interior room, and the seats are very comfortable.

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Impreza Outback Sport 2009 manual

MAM, 03/25/2010
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I've owned a Toyota Camry, Avalon, VW Passat, BMW 328xi, and Honda Civic Si. I enjoy the Impreza better than any for several reasons. Manual transmission is fun. Just under optimal power at 170 hp (basic model) but more than enough for 95% of needs. Can drive it anywhere, anytime, any weather virtually without worry (like a mountain goat). Better than rated milage (avg 27 mpg). Very practical for dragging around stuff for kids at college. Highly rated safety pick. The BMW is twice the price and not as much fun to drive. Will probably buy another in the future when needed. Luv it.

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My first Subaru

JohnPublic, 09/23/2009
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I have been a loyal Honda fan for years but when looking around for a car to replace my beloved 1998 Acura Integra found the Honda spaceship interior horrible. I test drove the Subie Impreza and found an interior that was very comfortable and functional for a 200# 6ft 3in guy (my head doesn't hit the ceiling and my legs have room). I was also impressed with the horsepower and torque (something even the Si doesn't have). So, this formerly loyal Honda guy bought an Impreza 5-door hatch and love it!

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I'm a Subie!

JEB, 06/06/2010
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I researched my buying options thoroughly and after giving a KIA Soul an extended test drive, I knew the Impreza Hatchback was the right car for me. After driving it less than five minutes I knew I made the right choice. The Impreza has the most comfortable ride of all the economical hatchbacks. The all wheel drive is unbeatable in the snow and rain. I'm even impressed the the gas efficiency. I've been getting 24-25 MPG in the city.

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An Ongoing Problem and Subaru Failed to Resolve

Disappointed Owner, 05/25/2018
Outback Sport 4dr Hatchback AWD (2.5L 4cyl 5M)
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This is for a 2009 Subaru Impreza, 105k miles. Bring to Subaru dealer and told the head gasket is leaked. Did research about the issue, and found that this is an ongoing problem and that the engines are known to consume too much oil between oil changes. Subaru has a class action lawsuit against them for the same problem but not the specific year of vehicle. Had contact Subaru Customer Service few times today but have not reach a resolution with them. This is frustrated because this is a known problem and other people have had the issue resolved but because this vehicle is a different year it does not qualify for compensation or repairs.

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Four days old and loving it

Randy, 10/07/2008
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The first Subaru I owned was a 2007 legacy. After almost one year, the realization that the legacy sedan doesn't meet my family needs as the wagon we previously owned did. The 2007 legacy is an outstanding vehicle and it was painful to trade it in, but now I have the 2009 Impreza Outback Wagon and I don't regret the trade in the slightest. In the 2009 Impreza Outback Wagon, the driver visibility is much better. The seats are firmer and more comfortable, providing support where it's needed. The controls are wonderfully placed so that you need not take your eyes off the road. And to my surprise, the ride is smoother and more responsive. I'm completely satisfaction beyond expectation.

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2009 wrx review

wrxtuner, 11/25/2008
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The best bang for the buck on the market. $25K gets you AWD, 265hp, 244lb/ft of torque, great handling, and 5 star safety crash tests, 4 doors and a good amount of storage.

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