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SUV for Nor Cal

German Silva Jr, 11/12/2007
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My first Subie - love it. Every morning I can't wait to get behind the wheel and slam the RPMs near red line. By the way mine is non-turbo. Took it off-roading today in the Marine Headlands and handled perfect in mud, wet grass, gravel, and pouring rain. I'm planning on putting winter Blizzacks for winter driving to Tahoe to fully appreciate the AWD. Added a bra, cargo box liner, Weathertech floor mats (a MUST), synthetic oil after 1K. This will not be my last Subie. Bring the Forester STI to the States!!

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Not good gas mileage

Delree todd, 10/24/2008
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I bought this car in July of 2007 and the combined city/road gas mileage was 24 mph. As of about 8000 miles, when it was supposed to be broken in and getting better gas mileage, it dropped to 17mph. I have had it checked and talked to the guys at the dealer only to be given a ton of excuses and suggestions. Like, use Premium gas, only use top of the line stations, mix the regular/premium gas and they couldn't come up with anything wrong with the car after checking the engine. Not only that, make sure you know the dealer service and don't let them over fill the oil. Mine was way over the fill line. Not happy with the SUB. Terrible carpeting and they won't replace it.

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A Fine Small SUV

KJN, 09/30/2009
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My first new car in 25 years. It has exceeded just about all my expectations. It's great fun to drive and very responsive. It towed my pontoon boat with no problems. I've abused it with weekend excursions along the back roads of the Eglin AFB reservation -- sandy, soft roads often with deep mudholes. Came close, but haven't been able to get it stuck yet! And I've pulled out a few other drivers along the way. Don't get it into water too deep, though -- you'll ruin your charcoal canister, and they're expensive! My overall average fuel economy since new is 25.63 mpg -- that's with complete records through 62,000 miles. I enjoy this car thoroughly and would buy another in a heartbeat!

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This for a 2007 Subaru Forester. A 2007!

Bob, 10/18/2006
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Generally pleased with purchase. Tiny engine has great pickup and can climb hills. Car rides hard as though it needs shocks. Has all the characteristics of the old poorly made Japanese models of years ago. Car has "tinny" sound. Road noise is very objectionable. Can't hold conversation. It is only satisfactory as will be used for local trips only. Rate it 6 out of 10. Not worth cost.

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Worst car I've ever owned

Lee62, 06/13/2020
Sports 2.5 X 4dr Wagon AWD (2.5L 4cyl 5M)
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I had two major problems with our 2007 Subaru Forester. First, we got caught by the now well-known Subraru head-gasket problem. Google "Subaru head gasket" and you will immediately find lots of information about this problem that plagued certain Subaru models for a decade or more. Because Subaru uses the "boxer" engine, there are two head-gaskets that have to be replaced (despite being only a four-cylinder). It's a pretty expensive repair. Second, after having the head-gaskets replaced, it wasn't long until the car started using oil. This problem got worse and worse over time. Oil usage is another known problem with certain Subarus, mostly newer models, but I learned it is also a potential problem on some 2003-2008 Foresters ( One other thing: Subarus are all-wheel drive. If one tire gets a nail or screw in a place where the tire can't be repaired on many modern full-time all-wheel drive vehicles (not just Subrarus), you will likely need to replace all four tires. If the four tires are not evenly worn, the system thinks one or more wheels are slipping and attempts to compensate by sending power to that wheel or wheels. This can wear out the transmission prematurely.

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