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Best in every category

solodriver, 02/21/2013
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I drive alone 99.9% of the time. I want the best value, the best MPG, the best zippy performance (I don't need a race car- I just want to zip around town, hitting corners fast and going up steep grades at 80+MPH when the mood strikes me), I want my phone, including all it does (Pandora Radio, podcasts, online streaming news radio, navigation system, etc.) to work seamlessly, I want a comfortable interior, I want to use regular gasoline, to be surrounded by airbags, and I don't want a car that looks fun and not like everyone else's car. The Scion iQ is the only one that offers ALL of this. The Fiat couldn't take the hills, gets 7MPG less and requires premium fuel and costs more...

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Micro Car Macro Ride!

QA, 02/28/2016
2dr Hatchback (1.3L 4cyl CVT)
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The car critics are too judgmental and people who expect an SUV in an 120 inch long car are not being fair or realistic. This car drives great and I have had lots of BMW's Mercedes and Porches and Japanese cars. the CVT transmission works perfectly and is smooth and quiet. Acceleration is more than adequate for freeway and passing. In town the car is in it's element. It accelerates fast if necessary but half throttle is all that is needed. Stopping is smooth and sure with the front discs brakes. The radio is is only soft spot but that is a minor thing. this car is designed to get you around an urban environment and enable you to park where the smallest spot exists. It succeeds in fabulous style. Inside the car looks and feels like a big car. Loosen the backseat head rests and the seat backs fold down giving tons of cargo space. You can put a 6 footer in the front passenger and another in the right back seat without touching knees but the left back seat leg room is shorter. Big deal since you didn't buy it to carry four people ... but you can easily. The mileage is going to be lower than the 36/37 but it is always lower than the government ratings. Mileage runs in the mid 30's depending on how much air is in the tires. Again there is no surprise there. You can get really high mileage but it depends on how you want to drive the car. The car looks great and people remark about it all the time. The stock wheels are some sporty alloys and the car looks fantastic. I am really pleased so far. UPDATE 9/2/2019 the car runs better than ever. Toyota maintenance costs are awesome since they rarely need any. I also own a 911 and a Raptor but really love driving the Scion because it is fun!

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see ya later landcruiser

bosche, 03/21/2014
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I decided to buy this car in Los Angeles and drive it back to NYC. I almost purchased a Lexus LX 470...then i realized that there was no way i would ever find parking in the City. So I drove the southern route all the way back to NYC. I averaged about 36 mpg and was going 70 to 85 the entire way. it felt good on the hwy - it felt like any other small car. i rented a mini cooper the week before i purchased the 2013 IQ, and the mini was much more cramped, and 2+ feet longer. when i drove into nyc, i found a pkg spot very quickly, and have parked where no other cars could fit 4 out of 5 times. it is great!

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Bewarned of MPG ratings

yyrd, 04/18/2014
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I buught this IQ with the idea it got great MPG. Sadly i averaged about 27mph. I looked on Google and found others with the same complaint. 27MPG and a tiny car? It kinda makes the whole concept silly. I returned the car with 100 miles and was very angry. I got a Prius C instead. The back seats touch the front seats, having NO place to put your feet/legs. You cannot fold the backseats with out removing the headrests and leaving them home. I don't understand why it even has backseats. Maybe so they can Claim it can carry 4? There is no luggage room, again you need to fold backseats to have storage room. I suggest removing them out of the car completely as they have zero function.

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Great concept but poor execution

sam214, 07/27/2013
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The comment by the editor that there are larger cars at the same price is hilarious. The whole idea about this car is being small. People like me want a tiny car to zip around. Only problem is that the car doesn't zip very much. And for a tiny car the fuel economy is not much better than my Mazda CX-5 SUV. The engine sounds like there are loose marbles inside at startup, and also makes other uninspiring noises from time to time. The brake pedal makes loud annoying clicking noise (normal noise, according to Toyota). It doesn't offer a lot of features for the money. The only good thing about it is the tiny size.

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