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murphy2893, 05/29/2013
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A 1996 Saturn SW2 was my first car, I bought it at a cheap price with 139,000 miles on it. I put about 30,000 more miles on it in 3 years. The only major issue with the car was an oil leak that I knew had to be repaired when I bought it. Other than that, it was routine maintenance and minor repairs. When the heater coil broke, the car was pretty close to 170,000 miles and the price to fix it was nearly the price of the car itself, so I sadly had to say goodbye. Overall, the car was EXTREMELY reliable and the gas mileage was great. I drove it to and from college (over 100 miles away) with no problems. I'd buy the car again if I could. Definitely well worth what I paid!

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One problem besides brake sensors

Martin Bashinski, 02/09/2007
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I have140,000 miles on it. I have driven to Texas from California two times. The only problem I've had is the service engine light turns on when I use the air conditioner. It won't turn off until I shut the car off 3-5 times. First it was the neutral sensor and the transmission sensor. I am slill dedecated to the big three.

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palmer_guy, 09/08/2002
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good on gas and drives like new good power

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Saturn SW1 Wagon 1996

cnw1995, 09/16/2002
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I have been very pleased with this car - indeed, if Saturn made a minivan, I'd 'upgrade' - their SUV doesn't fit enough children. After 104,000 and many cross-country trips, it's performed very well.

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Salvation froom an Escort ZX2

Voca164e, 07/27/2003
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We needed a four door car once our son was born. We got our '96 (two years older than our trade in vehicle) with 83K and have now owned the car for about six months and have put 10K trouble free miles on it. The car is great to drive, with excellent handling, decent acceleration, and good brakes, and it's economical. I have a few complaints. The blower is noisy on high, there's a few creaks and rattles. The transmission was shifting harshly, so I serviced the transmission, and it seems to shift well now. The A/C isn't quite as good as our old Escort.

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she just keeps going!

alohalady, 12/14/2011
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I love this car! I resisted buying an American car, but this baby has blown my mind. With the plastic panel sides, she still looks amazing in Vermont which has a knack for eating cars from the inside out.These cars come with ABS and Traction Control which was amazing in the snow. Now as I look for a new car I'm really wishing that i can just get another SW1 Or maybe Sw2 which has a bit more power. Can fit an adult size bike in the back without taking the front wheel off. I could stand a little more power but what can you do!I currently have 204,688 miles on it, and I bought it at 91,000 after much trepidation and many hours of research I went for it and couldn't be more pleased!

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Saturn 96-Station Wagon

mtruong, 04/27/2003
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Horrible car!! The engine is burning oil excessively - leak gasket. The engine needs to be replaced at 68K miles after meticulous care of the car. We are very disappointed in our first attempt to purchase Saturn. The dealership folks would not comment...said maybe we drove it hard. They are talking to two electrical engineers who has been meticulous with routine maintenance and babying the car. I would not recommend Saturn for reliable cars.

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A good , good car

cabbie889, 01/12/2003
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Purchased an emergency replacement. Did not expect a strong performer and car that gets lots of attention. Car is very low so does make for some wrestling in/out.

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