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No one makes them like these anymore.

ShawnJ, 03/09/2006
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I checked all of the reviews on these old Saabs before purchasing one. I wanted an inexpensive car that was good on gas and would last a long time. This is what everyone wants right? Well these old cars are it. They are so unique looking and definitely fun to drive. They have this stigma about them that is hard to explain. I got an incredible deal on mine. It is a 1990 and I only paid 1800 dollars for it with 65000 original miles. It now has 81000 and no signs of slowing down. These cars really do go forever. I have only fixed routine things (brakes, muffler etc...) So find a good mechanic that can work on these cars and one that is cheap. Do that and you will have a great car!

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Keeps on ticking

Kay Voyvodich, 11/17/2015
S 4dr Sedan
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Update 2019: The 1990 Saab S must have a terrific motor. Yep. Still going strong. Still looks good. (People stop us all the time.) Still a blast to drive. Original Review: I purchased this 1990 Saab S in '95 - and I'm still driving it because I can't think of a good reason to sell it. Yes, it does require the regular maintenance issues be dealt with, but even if that's say $1K per year, its waaay less expensive than owning a new car -- plus its a blast to drive. The only items that don't work are the air conditioner and setting the speed. But we don'd really need air around here and I like the feel of driving -- as opposed to sitting in a living room on auto pilot. I did have to put a new hood liner in it too. And there were a few mechanical and electrical issues that have occurred, but with a good mechanic who really knows Saabs, its kind of a no brainer -- change the oil regularly, give it basic, yearly TLC and your'e good to go! I guess I'll be driving this car until it dies under me -- or unless I get an offer I just can't refuse. I never have trouble finding it in a parking lot either. GREAT looking car -- fun to drive. Good gas mileage. Fair cost to keep it on the road and purring. What more can I ask for? Update: Just replaced the distributor to resolve small oil leaks - and had the timing corrected. Wow - Is it possible for this car to run any better?

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Avoid this car

Concerned, 07/29/2007
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I am always leary of scathing reviews of anything, because nothing in my opinion can be all bad. Well, except for the paint job, pretty much everything about this car is a nightmare. I would not wish this car on anyone, unless you're a Saab mechanic and have numerous parts cars to draw from. My car spent more time in the shop, then on the road. I never raced it, crashed it or mis-treated it. It left me high and dry on so many occasions, I danced for joy when I finally sold it. (Literally, danced for joy) The best part of owning this car, was selling it. It did have nice paint though, even after being 16 years old when I sold it.

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I think its a virus

graysaab, 06/11/2003
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Engine is just getting broken in, at over 240,000 miles. Whatever it is, owning one of these cars is addicting. If you step back and look at it, there is no good reason to own one of these classic styled autos. A honda or toyota is much more reliable and cheap. go forever if the body didn't rust away. Ive had two now, both over 250,000 miles. Don't expect much, and you will get a car that surprises you.

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