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great bang for the buck!

richardcayenne, 01/30/2013
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I saw a beautiful 2004s on a lot and decided to take it for a spin. This is not a fake Porsche but the real deal! I drove it home a week later. A huge pleasure to drive! One worry was mpg but to my surprise it really gets 21 mpg on the highway at 65 ans cruising. Yes there are some bugs like the radio that doesn`t always work but overall I got a $70,000 car for well under 20 grand. One piece of adviceis to verify how the car was maintained and by who.

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qpdsful, 10/03/2012
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We just purchased the 04 Cayenne S with under 60k miles, got the extended warranty...after less than a month owning it the rear axle had to be replaced at a cost of $1400.00. 2 weeks later in the hot sun the check coolant light went on, car was in the shop for a week to replace the coolant tubes had to replaced with the aluminum tubes, a Porsche defect that they are currently avoiding, at a cost of $3200.00, exactly 1 week later while I was backing my car into the garage the steering wheel started doing what it wanted and the light came on MOVE STEERING WHEEL there was a loud noise click click click and the car died. Will not start, go into gear, NOTHING. Had to be towed back to the dealer.

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Robin S McBride, 11/06/2004
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After 15 months have settled with Porsche. The vehicle was in the shop 52 days for one problem. Additionally, the driver's seat broke, the remote doesn't work, and tires had to be replaced. This SUV has always driven herky jerky and the brakes squeak. Three months ago I asked the dealership to work with me on a trade in. They offered $30K less than I paid for it, which I thought was ridiculous. When I finally "lemon lawed" it, Porsche called and wanted to settle, fifteen months after I purchased it. I am so disappointed in this car and would recommend to everyone to not buy it.

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Fun SUV, but lots of bugs

mts, 03/11/2005
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This SUV drives more like a sports sedan than an SUV. It is an absolute blast to drive on a daily basis. I also use it to tow my racecar to the track and with its 7,700 towing capacity there are very few if any competing vehicles that has both of these qualities. It has excellent brakes and the V6, thought not a speed demond like the S and turbo models, does quite well and will be more than adequate for most owners. The downside to this vehicle is it comes stuffed with plenty of build quality bugs. Most are only annoyances, but they are still completely unacceptable for a premium brand like Porsche. If you can overlook these small problems it may be for you. Otherwise look elsewhere.

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Porsche Cayenne S

LORI, 04/16/2008
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This SUV is awesome. I have had every other high end SUV, but none give you the thrill of driving as the Cayenne does. With this package you get the best of both worlds. It handles like a sports car and you can still pull your boat to the lake on the weekend. I have had mine for over 3 years now and still love to see what it can do. There is nothing that sounds better than the sound of a Porsche when you put your foot into it with psm off.

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