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Leave this car where it is now: used car lot or ju

Dave, 08/27/2015
GTP 2dr Convertible (3.9L 6cyl 4A)
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Bought at 30,000 miles and when slicked up and detailed it looked alright at first and I was hypnotized by the convertible top. I was wanting some power and was expecting the mpg to not be that great with a sporty ride. The problem is, as the car gets older the already poor mpg gets much much worse 16 in city (more like 10) and 24 highway (more like 18). The coolant system is a patchwork mess of connectors and hoses and none of the plastic connectors can be found anywhere but the dealer (for as long as they make parts). This system has leaked since I bought it and no mechanic was able to find a leak no matter how many I took it to. Drivers wheel hub assembly went out right at 60 thousand just like clockwork like so many others (with the other side to soon follow). Paint peeled off outside windshield panel on drivers side. Should have took a longer look at the paint quality when I bought it cause it is more poor than even the cheapest cars. The leather is durable but didn't ever feel high quality to me. Felt more like vinyl to me. Seat leather was starting to split but was repaired. Exhaust started to hiss when accelerating. Interior should have been looked at longer when purchased cause there are no good materials or even good plastics here. Just hard hard cheap plastic that needs to be kept in a garage cause the sun and age has made it look horrible after three and a half years even with using visors in front and back. AC control group back light burned out and the cheap leds are soldered in and can not be changed out easy. Have to get a new control panel for the AC controls. Gear shift lights went off as well and can't see the gear you are in without turning on overhead lights. I overheated on the highway and I soon realized my slow leak was a busted heater core at 110,000. All this was despite always having the maintenance done regularly all fluids changed on time. The engine was still solid though (not sure though if any damage was done to the heads cause of overheat). The fun factor is awesome with the top down though, except the door sill is rather high and you have to raise your seat all the wait up and you still feel like you are in a bathtub with wheels cause you are still low inside the car. The top has always rattled when driving over rough roads and the dealer said it was normal and that they all did that even when new. I found paperwork in the glovebox after purchase that said original owner had top repaired under warranty. I never had engine or transmission problems but after reading the horror stories and realizing that the magical 150,000 mile mark for the transmission to fall out (as 80 percent of owners will tell ya) was soon approaching, I decided to drop it like the dying horse it was. It needed at least a couple thousand in parts to make it just reliable again on a car that was in its ninth year already. Some parts were starting to be hard to find and I wasn't wanting to see what was gonna go next. I had been very lucky already not to have had the powertrain go yet. It's currently sitting on a crummy used car lot at an absolute insane price 10 grand after tax, tag, and title. 10 grand for a dead brand that is made cheap and usually never sees much over 150,000 miles. Most pontiacs are in the junkyard and that's sadly where this brand should go. GM really went cheap on a car that could have saved the company. I wanted to support America and buy American, but they are all junk next to even the cheapest foreign cars and my livelihood depends on a good car So I went asian as so many others have.

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A reason to buy elsewhere

Ken Davis, 02/23/2010
GTP 2dr Convertible (3.9L 6cyl 4A)
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The Pontiac G6 convertable is not a well made car. Since driving off the lot the roof has rattled,trim has come loose, paint quality is poor,and the muffler has developed leaks twice. However the engine and transmission have been trouble free.The 1st year of ownership resulted in at least six weeks in the dealer for the mentioned quality issues. Complaints through customer service resulted in a waste of time as no one really cared. Having owned many GM products in the past it comes as no suprise that the company's lack of quality and customer service resulted in the demise of the Pontiac brand. No one wants the cars and I have, as we all do the ability to buy elsewhere that is not GM.

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Finally an Affordable HT Convertible

convertible, 07/29/2006
GTP 2dr Convertible (3.9L 6cyl 4A)
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We live in Chicago, so Convertibles would be fun, didn't seem logical. Didn't like the idea of a Cloth top in the winter, drafts, poor insulation etc. Hardtops were to expensive. The design is rich, looks great. You can see where they cut corners to keep the cost affordable, but its not terrible. I miss the memory seat, home link, and leather trim on the doors. But you can live with it. Having the retractable button overhead is uncomfortable also cause you have to keep it depressed til it is complete. Holding your hand over your head even though it's not that long, about a minute, feels alot longer. Absolutely NO trunk space, even with the top up. But does seat 4 comfortably. We love it.

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I love this car

pam, 08/12/2006
GTP 2dr Convertible (3.9L 6cyl 4A)
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What sold me on this car was the hardtop convertable. It performs amazingly well for the price. It has great pick-up. I love the sporty look inside. It does look plasticy, vinyl inside the door instead of leather trim. But where they chose to cut corners in order to acheive the affordable price was right on. It rides smoothly. The retractable top is so cool. The only thing I don't like about it is you have to hold the button in until it is complete, and the placement of the button is overhead by the map light. So you have to hold your hand up. It would be much more comfortable if the had it by the gear shift. And there is absolutely NO trunk space when the top is down, minimal when it is up

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A real lemon!

brandi0521, 08/20/2008
GTP 2dr Convertible (3.9L 6cyl 4A)
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I just had to have this car when it came out. I've had it now for just over 2 yrs. This car is a piece of crap. I bought a lemon. It has been in the shop 8 times for stabilitrak. The pontiac dealership never made claims against my warranty, so never fixed it. I've since gotten it fixed. But they were scared it was going to cause my brakes to go out. So now I've had to pay out of pocket for front and back brakes. I've purchased Extended Warranty. I now have a hole in my muffler that isn't covered on that. Yesterday I went to open my top and the back part opened and the top went up and fell back down. Lots of squeaks and rattles that the dealer can't fix. Truly a LEMON!

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