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defunctwarrior, 04/01/2013
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i bought this car thinking it was a gem, some of my family members had the same vehicle and it lasted a long time. i found one with a little rust and only 75k and snatched it up for 2500. 2 months afterwards it started idling really rough, eventually sputtering and stalling. mechanics said it was a mass airflow sensor. i replaced it and it ran fine for 4 days, then the same issue came back. it sounds like the idle bounces, and it has a whine in it. usually i call it a "death rattle" but i know this car has a lot of life left in it. any suggestions on what to look for as a far as repairs?

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good work car

andrew pnctmaerk, 10/07/2002
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had a 1993 buick 278000 miles olds same car hope i get as much

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Good ol' car

Jim Shorts, 05/20/2009
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This is an amazingly reliable car. I purchased mine about 3 1/2 years ago with 150,000 on it, it now has over 195,000 and the only problems I've ever had were basic wear and tear (brakes, alternator, blower motor, etc.) While it doesn't have as much power as a Lamborghini, it still provides more than enough. Mileage is good, starts up every time, even at almost 200,000 miles. Not the easiest car to work on for the do-it-yourself person but not hard either. Headliner needed replacing when I bought it but it's a cheap problem.

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i need help

Scholtzy, 12/02/2010
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I got this car with 58K miles on it & about 8 months ago, i started having problems w/ it. It started sputtering one day & stalled out, & since that day it has not been reliable. While i am driving, it will stall & sometimes it sputters too. I can throw it into neutral & start it back up with out even stopping. Sometimes it will do this the whole ride, & sometimes it will only do it once or twice. If i start it up & let it run for about 15 mins before i drive it, it won't stall at all. I've had up to date oil changes since i got it, it was in perfect condition when i got it. Since these problems, i had the spark plugs changed, had 2 mechanics look @ it and they don't see anything wrong.

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All around, good solid vehicle

J, 06/05/2006
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I purchased this car because I wanted a good driving, good performing sedan. That's what I bought ten years ago and that's what I still have. I have driven this car countless times on long rode trips exceeding 600 miles, driven with six people in the car comfortably, and even loaded it up a few times to go to some good camp sites. It still blows out cold air from the AC, and can still pick up the speed when needed. The only problems I have had with the car have been minor electrical ones. The driver window will get stuck if rolled down all the way, headlight switch became loose once and could not operate the headlights, and the alternator has needed to be replaced twice.

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