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Excellent Automobile

96aurora, 12/31/2004
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This has been one exceptional automobile for me! Not only is it a classic design, it is one great riding and handling car too. I have 170,000 miles on this car, and it still drives just as nice as the day I drove it off the lot. The engine still runs great, the transmission still shifts flawlessly and there are no squeaks or rattles from the suspension or frame. The gas mileage is phenomenal for a V- 8, I usually average 30 mpg on the hwy. I thought about upgrading to the new body style, but after driving one, I thought to myself, "where is the Aurora that I know?" The only problem that I had with the car was that I had to replace the radiator core and tank. I highly recommend this car!

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A Roaring Aurora

addsworld, 07/21/2006
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I've been driving for over 40 years. The Oldsmobile Aurora is one of the best cars I've ever owned. Its performance is incredible, the Olds Rocket logo definetly applies to this car. For a ten year old car with over 100,000 miles, it's leak free and when under conservative driving it's possible to get 28 mpg. If there's a comparable American car available new, I'm all for it.

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Rock On!

Kevin Whittle, 03/09/2005
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This car is awesome! Takes eight quarts of oil, and high octane gas-so in this day and age its pricey. However, I find that it all evens out when I jump in the front seat! Because of the V8, it is a gas guzzler, but there is temendous power in the 4,000 lb. packed beauty. Superb on the highway, a whopping 26 miles to the gallon.

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Solid Car

Dan, 09/03/2008
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I had originally purchased this car to use as a winter vehicle but now I plan to drive it for the foreseeable future. The ride is nice and smooth and I've had no major mechanical problems to date (knock-on-wood) The interior is very comfortable and it boasts some fancy climate controls. My Aurora was outfitted with the Bose Sound package and the audio is excellent (especially for a car of its age). The engine provides enough power to get the Aurora moving and I have no trouble passing slugs on the highway. Also, the gas mileage (I average 25 mpg) is good for a 12 year old V8 engine. The only gripe I have is the turning radius; it makes the widest turns (for a car) I have ever seen.

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Fun with Sophisticaton

Roger, 02/27/2002
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Very quiet at any speed. The engine is very responsive with no lumps or bumps with the transmission shifts.I find the instrumentation to be excelent with all the controls with in easy reach.The ride is smooth however it is a heavy car and the handling is not that of a higher priced Eropean competetion.However it is still fun to drive with reliability and no major service concernes other than normal maintenance.

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Love It!!!!!!!

CFalduti, 08/23/2004
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I have had lots of cars, none of them come clouse to the Aurora. I love this car. I am sad that they have made the last ever Olds. Well, I guess I will just have to keep mine forever or hope they come back one day and make olds again.

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Sweet Ride

JEFF, 08/10/2005
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I have no problems with this car. It ride's very smooth and is very quiet cruiseing down the road at 70 mph. I have done no major repairs to this car. It drives and rides like a new car. Im very pleased with this car.

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Nice, but ....

wkb2texans, 03/16/2010
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Ok, first let me say I love this car! It's 14 years old and it looks like a new car. It's got a design that seems ageless . The paint has held up amazingly well in this Texas heat . And the ride is both comfortable and powerful. The downside . The car is now on its 4th, count 'em, 4th a/c compressor. And when the compressor goes, so does the rest of the system. Which means the dash has to be pulled out. Which means a $1,500-$1,700 repair bill. The previous owner replaced the original compressor at 18 months, and I'm on my second compressor since buying it in 2003, having replaced it in 2004 and again in 2010. Last complaint: car's turning radius.

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Really, really tired of it.

Trump, 08/25/2008
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Owned for 8 years. Have spent thousands keeping it on road. Only has 85K miles, but seems like I've replaced everything at least once. All the fuel injectors, shocks, various circuit boards, numerous O2 sensors, air conditioning compressor clutch, fuel pump, fuel tank (!) brake rotors twice, brake lines. I want to love this car, and I sort of do but I am sick of spending a fortune to keep in going. I am ready to sell it, and to just walk away.

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Aurora, Out of This World

darcy allarie, 01/12/2007
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This car is pure quality and comfort. Power back the sunroof, let the wind blow your hair, and let the 8 ponies propel you down the highway. The beautiful styling inside and out will keep amazing everyone including yourself every time we look at it. Wow, what a car!

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