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Not horrible, but personally would suggest one

m3t4lm4n222, 02/20/2012
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I have had one of these cars for 7 months now. Got it at 75K miles ran pretty good, now at 86K miles and's not going to well. The engine burns oil already, the transmission shifts hard and slow(Checked the fluid, it's fine) The ride in this car is well..bad. You can feel every bump, it's loud, especially on the highway, expect to have to turn the radio up. The engine is very loud, and I have the 2.4L 4 cylinder engine and it's also very slow, it literally sounds and accelerates as if it had a big diesel engine in it. It averages 19 City, 25 Highway which is pretty bad for a car..especially considering it has a 4 cylinder engine...It's also not very comfortable...

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Would not pick this one over again.

jnell, 07/10/2011
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I have owned this car for almost 2 years now. I bought it with around 80,000 miles on it. It now has 110,000 miles. And I would not do it again. About a month after I bought it the front wheel bearings went out. I have also had problems with the drivers side window - had to replace the motor. The head gaskets have had to be replaced and the brakes react terrible if it rains or snows. Needless to say this has not been anything like what I thought. None of the repairs have been anything close to cheap or acceptable. I would not recommend it to anyone, especially for young driver. Alero's are very questionable cars, its a 50/50 chance - you either get a good one or a very rotten lemon.

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A definite NO!

Julian Perez, 07/12/2015
GLS 4dr Sedan (3.4L 6cyl 4A)
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I bought this car at 160K miles and right after I bought it and drove it home, problems started to arise. The check engine light went on right as I drove it home, I didn't think much of it because everything seemed fine. A week later, I went to O'reilly's and got the codes pulled from the computer. Some sort of emissions trouble code and a piston spark plug fire miss code came up. Not a big deal at all, but just troubling since it started on my first drive in it. After that, the A/C compressor bearing went out and it made a loud pinging noise. Since the A/C compressor was such a pain in the butt to get to, I never bothered to get it fixed and just lived without A/C. Next, the stud on the trailing arm in the passenger's rear cracked off which rendered it useless. It wasn't too much of a pain to replace that, but a new trailing arm is quite expensive. After that, the power steering lines rusted through and I had to replace those which was VERY difficult and pretty pricey. Next, the alternator went out and I had to replace that which wasn't too difficult but pricey. Finally, the head gasket blew and it was EXTREMELY difficult to tear apart the engine and replace all the gaskets. Altogether, I got a discount on the materials required which cost around $180 but it took about 3 days to get it all fixed. Took it for a test drive after that and learned that I needed new spark plugs and spark plug wires. I took it around the block twice just to be sure everything was working properly. The next day, the car caught on fire and was totaled. A tiny bit of gas turned out to be leaking out of the return rail and the rusted spark plug wires arced to the motor and sparked the fire which soon became very large and melted a good portion of the wire harness. Overall, I took great care of the car. I frequently checked my fluids and got my oil changed every 3K miles. I definitely got a nightmare car though, note that I only had the car between 160K miles and 168K miles which was only for about 10 months. This is my bad experience with this car, take it or leave it.

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Merry Christmas! I keep my dash board...

JC, 07/14/2008
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Lights on all year long! My car is paid for and has been for some time. This is a good thing because it costs so much to keep it running! Wheel hubs, bearings, brakes, $$tires. I would tell anyone who asks not to buy an Alero, it is a complete lemon. I bought this car brand new, I have taken it to the Oldsmobile dealer for repair and no one can seem to fix my car. My dashboard lights are back on two weeks after it is "fixed." anti-lock, service vehicle soon, service engine soon, trac off always on!

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A great all-around car

W. Tersch, 10/13/2008
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I bought my Alero certified used five years ago, and it remains a beautiful and practical car inside and out. Low mileage Oldsmobile are one of the best bargains out there and have served several friends well too. I replaced a power steering pump and a ventilation resistor under warranty, and a small screw cover fell off, but other than that, smooth sailing for daily driving and road trips after 70k miles. This car handles Chicago winters well with its wide tires, front wheel drive, traction control, and ABS. Still in love with it!

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