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It depends what you're used to...

jvisalli, 11/27/2006
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I traded in my 97 Hyundai Elantra which was a very dependable car but not exactly luxury! By comparison the Versa is a Cadillac. Point is: your satisfaction depends on what you're used to and how much you expect for $13,000 or so. For the money I think the Versa is a steal compared to what's out there. It's roomy, comfortable, peppy, good gas mileage (average 33mpg), quiet ride, good suspension, cute and it's NEW! I never realized how bad my headlights and windshield wipers were on the old car! I also never had a CD player, so you see I'm not hard to please! I would never spend what most new cars cost, so I'm very happy with my Versa.

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foreigncars433, 04/07/2014
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These cars run great for their first 100k. I bought one brand new and had no problems with it until about 105, when the transmission went. Costed me 2900, and the problems did not stop there. The car was great while it lasted, but did not last very long.

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Bad transmission

katdunn, 11/09/2013
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I initially loved my Versa. I soon found that the quoted mpg was not as quoted, no surprise there. I drive all highway miles to and from work. After I purchased my Versa,I was sent an extended warranty for my transmission which expired at 120,000. This should have been the first clue that there must be a problem with the transmission. Now at 128,000 miles, my transmission starting making loud humming sounds, the car at one point almost wouldn't go in traffic, but once it got past 20 or 30 mph it ran normally. No fluid was leaking and it's pretty much a closed system. They didn't take much time to check it out but were very quick to give me a price on a new transmission of $2800.

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Great car for the money!

Bruce, 12/05/2006
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Have had the Versa SL for almost a month and am loving it. The CVT transmission is super smooth. The just checked MPG was almost 37. The seats are comfortable and the interior is well finished. The interior is midsize roomy with lots of leg and head room. The convenience package makes a nice addition. My dealer experience with the local dealer in Oceanside was super.

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Versa has many problems!

birdgirl999, 05/12/2011
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I purchased a new, 2007 Nissan Versa in July 2007. One month later, I experienced trouble starting the car. It took at least 5 cranks at a few seconds each to get the engine to turn over. They replaced the fuel pump assembly six times between Aug 2007 and May 2011. I sent Nissan a letter and only received a voicemail response. I noticed the problem would occur on cold starts, after the car sat for at least a couple hours. And was more common during cold weather months. Nonetheless, a new car should not have problems like this! I've also had other problems - all the hubcaps have been replaced, as they fell off! Don't buy a Versa. Do some research and save your time and money.

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driving 2007 VERSA

lili, 10/15/2006
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fantastic, drives like a dream, sturdy noise free, sophisticated, could use arm rest shoulder and back seats pockets as a standard bonus.

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2 year update

bstern92, 09/20/2014
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I now have 98,000 miles on my versa and it's still going fine. I do have a couple complaints. The steering started to peel and once it starts, it just keeps getting worse. The steering wheel position is my biggest complaint. At its lowest setting it still sits up too high. My hands are only comfy holding the bottom of the wheel. I also had my outside door handle break off. It gets great gas mileage and the hatchback is so versatile. If you insist on only buying new and are on a tight budget, then this car is for you, otherwise there are much better used options. Since this time around I can afford to spend a little more, I am looking at buying a new 2015 honda fit ex for $18,000.

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love my versa but....

andrea, 11/14/2006
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I purchased my versa in July of 06 and I love it! However my check tire pressure light continually comes on, the dealership is fantastic with fixing it but its just lit up for the 3 or 4th time. Also check your tire wells, I had water that had leaked into the well from the back window not being sealed all the way. So check that out.

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Love this car, but...

Rich, 10/01/2006
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The GOOD: Wife was sold on a Scion Xa before I insisted she take a Versa test drive. She bought the first Versa the dealer sold. Impressive power w/6spd, fun to drive & great interior room & materials. The BAD: A/C compressor failed 2nd day. Took factory 1 month to replace. A/C now sounds like a dentist's drill @3000 RPM. TIRE PRESSURE MONITORING SYSTEM {TPM):Has been in Dealer shop for re- set 3 times in 2 months w/no low/high tire pressure detected. Consider an extended warranty if this problem is not addressed under a Nissan re-call. Online correspondence reflects an ongoing TPM problem among Versa owners. Hopefully Nissan will address this ongoing problem. $100 cost per re-set.

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Has anyone else had this problem?

missmyversa, 01/06/2014
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My 2007 Versa ran like a champ until 4-6 months ago when suddenly while driving would feel as if the car was not responding or had changed gears by itself. I would shift the automatic setting from D to N and back again and that would seem to correct it for awhile. Brakes replaced 2 months ago. Never did feel right, at times had to stomp on brake and still feel occasional loss of control. 12/24/2013 was slowing to a stop as traffic piled up, some ice on road. Car did not respond. With pedal all the way down, no response. Did not spin or fishtail, did not slow, just silently slid under bumper of SUV in front and was destroyed. Never happened for husband or mechanic. Me or car?

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