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No one builds them like Japan

E-Man77, 05/20/2009
SE 4dr Sedan
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I purchased this baby last month. I paid $2,000 and has spent about $1,500 on repairs. I've replaced the radiator, drive belts, valve cover gaskets, one fuel injector, two ignition coils, and all six spark plugs. All failed parts were originals. Avoid the dealership for repairs because it's extremely expensive. The car drives and handles like a charm. The body is solid and paint still shines. It has power and acceleration that throws you back in your seat. The volume control on radio doesn't work, so it gradually gets louder. A cassette tape is also stuck inside. It's a 5-speed. The original clutch was replaced two years ago. Car has 158,000 miles. Good for at least 150,000 more.

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Supamaxima, 04/07/2002
GXE 4dr Sedan
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If you want a car that can beat any other stock car at any stop light this is the one for you. It can do it with the most comfortable interior, five speed trans(optional) and a 190hp V6 that comes standard. The only shortcoming of this car towards the camry and accord is the suspension. Its a little stiff, but it makes that up in the turns. This huge thing can take any tight corner with ease, and as every street racer knows stiffer suspension means more grip in turns. I've driven the carmy and accord, those boats have nothing , no power, no acceleration, no handling, just a luxirious interior that makes the car seem more than it really is.

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1995 strong after 20 years

myedmunds6, 01/16/2014
GLE 4dr Sedan
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I had my 95 maxima for 4 years. Bought from a dealer at incrredible 65K miles in prestine condition. This is my 5th datsun-nissan. Just change oil regularly at 5k. Need to replace consumables. Other than that, no major repair needed. Spends aboout $300 for repair/maint. On my previous 94 maxima, I drove about 300K+ odometer stopped at 230K. I drove 4 more years until the tranny gave up. Gas mileage is about 20 mpg on city+highway mix.

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Best bet for family car.

EaglyMax, 02/20/2003
SE 4dr Sedan
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This is my first Nissan. I was able to obtain an 95 SE with a manual transmission, which took my several weeks to find (only about 8% of Maxima's sold have a manual). This car is fun to drive. Though it's not a true sports car, it makes a great family car!! With the manual this car is fun on two-lane roads. This car has more interior room than an Accord/Camry. Plus, if you get am Accord/Camry, you're going to spend a minimum of $1200 to have a sound anywhere close to what the Bose delivers. I considered a Camry and Accord when I was looking, but the Max fit the bill. It has more room and it a lot more fun to drive than a Accord and Camry (put together).

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Car and Driver car of the year

C-Dog, 05/06/2016
GLE 4dr Sedan
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A little expensive to replace numerous needed parts as the car ages, but dollar for dollar the 1995 Nissan Maxima is a very good option. Required premium gas is more expensive, but the engine really responds well. Rear wheel wells started to rust after 20 years, but remains somewhat minor. Just rolled over 183,000 miles, and am hoping to get a few more years, while repair costs remain low. Suspension would probably be improved with new struts and springs and ball joints, but car does fine with originals. Drivers seat is quite compressed, but passenger is almost like new. Trunk and back seat are decently roomy for transporting stuff. Great handling in the snow and wet. Rides like butter, on a smooth road when the weather is warm. 20 mpg in city (slow going) and close to 30 mpg on pure highway driving.

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