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Used 1995 Mitsubishi Montero Consumer Reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
28 reviews

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5 out of 5 stars

Going, and going, and still going.....

monterobaby, 11/04/2011
1995 Mitsubishi Montero LS 4dr SUV 4WD
7 of 7 people found this review helpful

I have a 1995 Montero LS with 200,000 and still going strong. Oil leak and timing belt fixed, purrrsss like a kitten. Awesome rig in the winter! Also pulls jet ski's in the summer! I NEVER want to get rid of it...EVER!!

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4.25 out of 5 stars

Reliable - Off Road Classic

Dave, 04/05/2008
1995 Mitsubishi Montero SR 4dr SUV 4WD
6 of 6 people found this review helpful

Purchased my Montero new 13 years ago - have 210,000 miles on it now and have driven it all over the western states from New Mexico and Colorado to Canada and Alaska and I love this SUV. There is not another vehicle that can get to all the rivers that I like to fish. And I know, I own an auto repair business and have looked for a vehicle to replace this one and can't find it. My wife drives a '99 Land Cruiser that we like, but it isn't as good at getting into the remote country. Have had normal problems with parts (antenna, timing belt, etc.) but the entire drive train is original and still working great. LS model with 3.0 is underpowered but SR with 3.5 DOHC provides decent power.

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4.13 out of 5 stars

bullet proof

jonsand, 03/26/2002
1995 Mitsubishi Montero SR 4dr SUV 4WD
4 of 4 people found this review helpful

this is by far the best auto I have owned. that includes porches & mercedes

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4.13 out of 5 stars

Good value

monterofan, 05/29/2011
1995 Mitsubishi Montero LS 4dr SUV 4WD
6 of 7 people found this review helpful

I've only owned my 95 Montero for a year and have been quite satisfied. I really appreciated the roomy interior, the fold up rear seats, and the low-end torque. It climbed steep muddy hills like crazy. It was bit top heavy so you didn't want to get too sideways with it but it definitely earned its keep off-road. I put on a new timing belt, new alternator (fouled from leaking oil, I think), fixed the oil leaks at the cam seal and put on some beautiful 31x10.5 Bighorns. Very nice, looked sharp, and did what I asked it to do. Just sold it this last week because of fuel prices. Sorry to see the 14-15 mpg in town. 18-19 on the highway was okay. At $4/gal. it was tough to justify.

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4.63 out of 5 stars

Old Faithful

Mtnboy35, 11/02/2005
1995 Mitsubishi Montero SR 4dr SUV 4WD
3 of 3 people found this review helpful

I love this truck. I have always liked Monteros, but have never really found one to call my own. This all changed August 16th of this year when I took delivery of "Sam" my Montero. It is a great truck. I love the looks, power, and overall comfort. I was immediatly sold by the view of traffic affored by the high stance. It is very reliable and extremly comfortable. I live in the mountains and I can assure you that these trucks will go just about anywhere (that's if you have the nerve). I love the looks. My truck is a 1995 SR dressed in Sable Black with Warms Springs Silver trim. With chrome rims, a brush guard, and loads of other cool features it really turns heads. Again this is a very nice truck!

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