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I'm in LOVE!

believe, 08/06/2013
SE 4dr Hatchback (electric DD)
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I can hardly believe how well this vehicle handles! My wife and I made the purchase in Virginia and drove it to Eastern Pennsylvania (our home). We drove through some wicked storms and a ton of traffic around DC and Baltimore and all I can say is this car is a dream to drive. We were able to stop at dealers (Nissan) for FREE charges on the way home. Our cost $0!! 169 miles for free!!! I'll be using it for work and our average cost will be around $2.51 per 100 miles or $12.55 for 500 miles of driving. You can't beat that! If I fill it up over night, the cost goes even lower.

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The EV technology is ready

stan_cz, 08/21/2012
ES 4dr Hatchback (electric DD)
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I have this car for a half year with 2800 miles on it and it became the primary car in our family. Our 2 kids love it, too. The car completely changed my way of thinking as EV owner and driver. Going to a gas station is now hassle to me. Range anxiety is non existent as I learned that I need to think just a little before going for a trip. If the expected distance is above 75-80 miles, I take our Jetta TDI, that simple. Very recently, I have taken my iMiEV for a long trip to test its range when driving up to 40 MPH w/o A/C. I was able to get 93.4 miles with 1 mile remaining. No need to reach for the hidden reserves. It is really fun to drive.

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stuartdanoff, 08/05/2012
ES 4dr Hatchback (electric DD)
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This car is just GREAT. I wanted a "town" car because I don't drive more than @ 65 miles at a time. This is the car. First day was a scorcher (94 degrees) I put on the AC full blast and drove just about 65 miles in total comfort. Smooth ride. Perky pick up, adequate radio and roomy front seat...I am 5 foot 11. Then I returned home, plugged it in to my 240v charger, had lunch, read the mail and drove out again on the partial charge. NO GAS !!!!!! I am very satisfied. Love this car.

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1500 Kilometers and loving every minute of it

mlucas1, 08/14/2012
ES 4dr Hatchback (electric DD)
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I have had this car over six weeks now and use it for my daily commute of 45 kilometers (27 miles) each way, putting on sometimes well over 100 kilometers with a few bars in the power gauge to spare. This car is very comfortable and has all the features of a modern vehicle. Don't believe the spin that this car is lacking in anything, this car is truly reaching greater masses as the affordable alternative to the high priced electric cars now being offered by other manufacturers. This car is well designed and has plenty of power with a lot of range. This is the one that scares the oil companies and the car repair shops.

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Can you tell I like my car?

ev_owner, 09/18/2012
ES 4dr Hatchback (electric DD)
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So far I've only had one month of ownership. No regrets. My other vehicle has been used just a few times since buying this one. There is enough torque/acceleration to pull away from the crowd at traffic lights if one wanted to. The comfort is not perfect for all day driving, but for the hour max that the car would be driven, it's adequate. The initial cost may be higher compared to other compact cars, but the eventual total cost of ownership is calculated to be lower. (Pay a little more up front for greater benefits down the road.) The vehicle is very stable since the wheels are located at the corners.

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