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Fun, Fun, FUN!!!

neoncraig, 07/10/2011
2dr Convertible
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I have had the pleasure of having a rare in My life. That would be the "Special" '93 Capri that I have dubbed a Sheep in Wolfs clothing. '93 was the year Mercury decided a good idea would be dress a base like Turbo and see if anybody noticed, As a pure Fun ride this car is ahead of it's time. If it were to be released today it think it would be neck and neck with it's rear wheel drive cousin The Mazda MX-5. Performance is great!!! The results of neglect were easily corrected with standard and available parts. The A/c still works and was part of the XR@ upgrade as was the working, at 20mph cruise control. Mileage has been between 18 and 24 MPH depending on type. Do I recomend this??? Oh YEAH!

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Awesome Car

Cole, 09/12/2010
2dr Convertible
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This car is amazing. It is not only my first car but the first time I ever drove a stick. This car is a bit delicate but that comes with it being so light weight. If you treat it well it will also treat you well. It doesn't accelerate very quickly but unless you're planning on racing that really shouldn't be an issue. All in all it's an amazing car.

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One Fun Car

Jim, 10/14/2008
XR2 Turbo 2dr Convertible
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The Mercury Capri XR2 is a quick, nimble, and most of all a fun car to drive! A major up and down side to the Capri is that there is/was not many of them on the road so finding parts can be a problem. After 150,000 miles the engine, transmission, and turbo are still in great shape! (Although the clutch was replaced at 135,000 Miles) Watch for cracked or distorted rear windows on the soft top as they can be expensive to replace. Some electrical system problems can arise (Blower motor, MAF, headlight motors) Rubber gear shift linkages are prone to wear at or around 100,000 miles. (5 speed) Keep in mind that this is a sports car with McPherson strut up front and it will ride like a tank!

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Fun Hey, it's a convertible

barry, 10/14/2010
2dr Convertible
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The best is putting the top down and going around the twisty back roads. We live in central PA and it's fun driving the back windy roads. Sometimes I would like more power but I have the normally aspirated engine. We paid $3,000 for it. It's not perfect but when the top is down with my wife and I driving a nice road - Heaven

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Almost perfect

Yr. Fthfl. Svt. , 04/02/2002
2dr Convertible
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At 104,000 my Capri still runs well and offers a fun ride to and from work. It's best in the summer, when I drop the top and take a twisty road home. Not big on accelleration. It understeers at the limit, but at 8/10ths you really can't tell. I'd buy a new Turbo if they still made 'em.

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