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One sweet ride

FN SIK, 07/03/2007
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This car is absolutely fantastic! Everything about the car exudes quailty and hand built craftsmanship. The touch of the control buttons, the steering, the road grip (with not a hint of body roll at any speed I've traveled so far) The AMG leather is better than in the 600 and the seat comfort is unmatched with almost limitless adjustments. opperating the many features is easy and nearly intuitive through the command control or one of the redundant feature buttons. I havn't been able to pull the 4.5 sec.0-60 times reported, only able to get it to 6.3 (ironic) but I am not a professional driver and haven't managed to time my shifts correctly yet. Either way the car is a blast to drive.

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The S63 is the best combination of comfort and speed in one machine

riosouza, 08/04/2014
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The S63 is the best combination of comfort and speed in one machine, period. It has so much power on "S" mode that if it wasn't for the traction control it would be hard to keep it straight. It's like being on a Cadillac with the feeling of a high end sports car when you hit the gas pedal. I drive my S63 daily, and the comfort makes me slow down and enjoy the ride. Then when I got an idiot tailgating me, I just hit the gas for few seconds and he disappears on my rear view mirror. If you go for a test drive, you will buy it...

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This car has everything

tallyken, 09/20/2007
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Is it possible to have luxury, comfort, superb build quality, and safety in one car? Yup! Oh, you want performance too? Well, this is the one to get. I'm comparing the S63 to other cars I've owned: NSX, SL600, 2 Vipers, several Corvettes, S500, SL55 AMG, and the S63 rules.

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Rumbling gas guzzler

Chuck Sutnick, 07/14/2007
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New for '08, it's exhaust is tuned to rumble. It's too noisy on acceleration, and constantly hums in the rear compartment. I have an '07 S550 which gets 26.6 mpg on the highway. This S63 gets 18 mpg if you keep the speed at 70. Otherwise, mileage drops dramatically. Acceleration is awesome. The car starts out as a jack rabbit and turns into a missle. Before you know it, you're doing 60 mph in a 30 speed zone, and 90 in a 65. The interior is a superb improvement over the last generation. The dash is beautiful. The COMAND has 4 ways to get to a function making it user friendly.

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