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Great fun, lotsa maintenance

GTanner, 12/13/2002
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This beast is a blast. 308HP, 0-60 in 5.8, & almost .9 Gs in the skidpad means nothing until you've had it through mtn curves or on the open rd. 130 feels like 60. Had the car for a yr and in the shop monthly. Small things usually. But, when it rains real hard and water pours in through the AC/heating vents shorting out motors & sensors, leaving 3" of standing water in the floorboard,, costing $7K it's time for something more reasonable. Don't know what it is with German cars. Great fun to drive but totally unreliable. If you have the time and $ to keep taking this car to the dealer, by all means, indulge yourself. I probably would.

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The German Beast from AMG

David Carriger, 08/30/2005
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Unbelievable car - not bad off the line but when rolling on the highway , wow! The torque is unbelievable , 50mph to 70mph is like 3 seconds.You can get in or out of any kind of trouble you want with this vehicle.It is imperative that you stay up on the maintenance of this lady.

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c43 bad ass

moedigga, 01/21/2003
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This car is mean and thrives on the highway. Interior gets endless comments. Fun to modify aswell.

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The Sleeper

Ravigunn2, 08/19/2008
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I have owned this car for a year and 1 month. It is awesome. The car is light weight so it handles beautifully. And also a light weight car, coupled with an AMG tuned big 4.3L V8 engine = a pretty fast car. At higher speeds it feels poised and at ease. My car has 156,000 miles on it. So far, the car is very reliable and I have only had to do basic upkeep work on it. Nothing major. I have replaced the mass airflow sensor, evaporator temperature sensor, and my O2 sensors. So all in all, that's under $500 in repairs.

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Highway wundercar

Vnend, 11/12/2008
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Ample HP and torque, good gas milage (26MPH highway new, 24.5 now) and a solid engine. After 165K miles and 10 yrs I still love this car. Replaced 2 wheels due to potholes, the front bumper loves to snag things and the stock toe setting cups the tires. Minor plastic bits inside have worked loose, but the interior is still quiet. Once the sunroof decided to start opening itself. Lower control arms up front do wear out, but that might be my driving. The gas gauge sensor in the tank would stick occasionally, but hasn't in over a year now. Using 1 quart oil every 1500-1800 miles now, but at 180K miles, that isn't surprising.

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