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Great Vehicle

Love my Lincoln, 01/20/2009
11 of 11 people found this review helpful

I have loved my Lincoln. Gas mileage could be better, but I haven't had any mechanical issues with this car. Engine still runs perfect, transmission still runs perfect, this thing purrs down the road like the day I bought it. The exterior is still very sharp. Interior leather is beautiful and still looks new.

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Power and style

justbe, 07/31/2002
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Navigator is comfortable to ride in for reasons beyond its leather seats and lots of room. A rear load-leveling suspension adjusts the height of the vehicle according to cargo weight to assist in handling performance, while long wheel base help to provide a stable, cushioned ride. It's also easier to drive than it looks, thanks to a short turning radius, and variable assist power steering. Very comfortable; tons of space; lots of extras; handsome design. The class of the American SUVs. The best part is I paid $39,900 brand new.

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ck5005, 03/20/2002
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Great Suv

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Envy of the neighborhood!

runflat, 10/30/2002
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Bought Navigator 3 months with mono-chrome treatment. Beautiful vehicle with great ride. Wife is primary driver and she LOVES it! Got a fantastic deal since 2003 came out...$13,000 off sticker. Initial quality has been disapointing. In 90 days: horn quit working and an interior roof support beam came loose. Was unaware that vehicle requires premium fuel. On top of that, gets 12.1 MPG in city and only 15.5 HWY. Towed an Explorer on trailer with Navigator and did not even know it was there!

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smooth operator

jeff chappel, 11/02/2003
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I always look forward to driving this vehicle. Smooth ultra comfortable ride. Spacious beyond belief! Third row seats can easily handle two king size adults. Loads of leg room galore.

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Lovin' It

Rich, 02/22/2006
1 of 1 people found this review helpful

Have enjoyed owning this SUV, even though gas prices sometimes make it hurt. It's always performed superbly and reliably.

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Shell, 07/06/2005
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Bought my navigator in Sept 2004 .. Was worried with the higher miles from Atlanta driving but soon feel in love.. Now with 61.000 miles on it and every option that lincoln offered in 2002 its a dream suv for my family trips. We have 6 in our family and when 1 vehical can keep 4 teenagers happy .. I would say its near perfect. HAd one blow out and replaced one 17in rim.. That was the only thing i have done with the exception of normal oil changes ect.. I do wish it had more pep when you hit the gas.. I expected to pay high prices for gas when i purchased it so that done bother me.. Love the stereo system and all the extras.. Base price on my Navigator was over 51.000..

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navigator 02

r young, 06/25/2006
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the car was fun to drive, had no trouble with it at all.

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LINCOLN The Standard of LUXURY

Jim And Christina , 03/03/2005
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Our GATOR is black with mono-chrome treatment. Soon to be Pearl black & Harley orange 2 tone. For the MOST part we get an average of 14 to 17 miles to the gallon around town & usually about 16 to 21 on the highway and we do NOT drive her like we have an egg under our right foot!!! We do have an edelbrock S/S cat back exhaust system & she breathes better & sounds a LOT better!! The ONLY thing it could use is MORE power & we will be adressing that soon with a supercharger... Well that and a FEW other lil goodies! HEEHeeee Like Harley Davidson rims, bigger tires, custom paint & of course all the HARLEY emblems & badges, Lund moon visor & such..After ALL "ITS ONLY MONEY" !!

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2002 Navigator

Antwain75, 04/11/2002
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This vehicle even though it's a gas guzzler, it is an awesome peace of machinery. I have had mine for 4 months and have had no complaints. The ride is smooth and quiet, it will almost put you to sleep. The acceleration is great and the interior is classy and comfortable

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DTBJKB, 05/11/2002
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shoppingnurse57, 02/08/2003
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I have had my Navigator for not quite 1 year. I love driving it - I feel safe - it is a luxurious ride!

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joeh, 09/25/2004
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great running and driving car with super comfort

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sonnysnavigator, 06/09/2003
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She's beautiful and graceful. She drives like a dream and maintenance is nile. But the fuel economy is poor and it requires premium gas, so it is costly to fill up.

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The Original Gangsta SUV

OG SUV lover, 08/17/2020
4WD 4dr SUV (5.4L 8cyl 4A)
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Get ready to be stupefied mesmerized and petrified by this monster. I bought mine in 2017 and she was showing her age with some seat tears and missing door handle trim plus one of the doors wont auto-lock. I had to replace the timing belt no biggie but then the steering box assly as she was not responding well to lane changes. After that no problems. I just love the beast. The front end looks beefy and yeah the rear is rather beamy but so what. I have had no problems with the engine or leaks in the sunroof as mentioned by others. I guess mine was built mid week when the guys on the line were mostly sober. The interior is huge with tons of space. The rear captains seats are awesome we use the rear centre console as a cooler on long trips just chuck the ice in and drinks and donesky. It had 238k on it and I'm up to 256 now the engine purrs like a sleeping lion. She seemed sluggish on hills until I kept the overdrive enabled- problem solved there. The heater core was gummed up so she would not heat well the first few winters even a trip to the dealer to request a flush didnt do much. I ended up following a few vids on you tube and blasted the sucker with my garden hose then blew it out manually to clear it further and it is much better now. The fuel economy is not great but if I was focused on that Id a bought a Prius...not! I also own a Jetta and the difference in street cred when driving between the two is ridonculous. Everybody gives me a wide birth in the OG SUV and when we pass by newer (read smaller dinkier) SUV's my son and I chuckle as we literally are looking down on these imposters. Ive driven her each year cross country 1300km each way and she performed beautifully with very comfy ride. The air suspension farting that happens after engine shut off garners some strange glances from folks as its digesting a cow it ate or something. Anyhoo I'm surprised at how cheaply they sell for probably the low fuel economy is a turn off for many but if you can get past that and the retro wood veneer styling you will enjoy this vehicle. Just make sure you get one that wasnt built on a Saturday or Sunday yonk yonk!

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