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Worst car I ever owned

Steve Mcblue, 07/20/2010
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problems since day 1, terrible reliability with this car. I wont even start listing the issues cause it pains me. I'm a mechanic and this is one of the worst cars to work on. Do yourself a favor and stay far away from the LS.

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Best Car ever.

Kelly, 12/31/2009
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I owned a 01 Lincoln LS until 12/23/09 and the reason for that is someone rear ended me and pushed me into oncoming traffic i then collided with a mustang i had 3 people plus me in the car we all walked away with just scraps and bruises that lincoln LS saved my family and my lives I will never drive anything else i will only feel safe in the lincoln so i am now shopping for a another one....

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NoVaAgent, 01/12/2007
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I thought I had it rough until reading some of these reviews. Turns out my experience was average: bought at 45000, currently 72000. During that time: rear valve cover gasket, two window motors, cruise control, steering wheel stereo controls, memory seat, sunroof, AC, 100% COVERED BY AFTERMARKET WARRANTY. Service trips- fixed the 1st time maybe 50% of the time. **The key here is, the bang for the buck on this car when buying used is awesome. But as an owner, you soon realize the catch, lots of problems, some small, some large, lots of service trips, tons of time wasted. what I find most unnerving about these poor reviews- there seems to be little pattern in the problems- whats next?

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Great car gone bad!

D.Boyd, 07/23/2008
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I purchased my 2001 LS as a lease return in Jan. of 2004 with 66,000K. Car was in perfect condition and had just been serviced by the dealer. Purchased a 48 month/50K warranty.Put 22,400 miles in 4 years when the transmission solenoids went bad. Cost $1090 to fix. Then a coil went bad. Cost $690. 10 months after the transmission problem, the transmission went out again. The dealer had closed so I went to AMMCO for the work. Cost $4200. Was thinking this car is costing me way too much when the car stopped on the freeway. Towed to dealer ,the engine coils were bad. Cost $2470. Dealer could not get the car to idle correctly. Took the car back 3 times, no luck. Traded in for 07 Infiniti G35.

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2001 LS V8 Sport

mlv, 03/01/2002
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Great car, fun to drive, great performance. Free routine maintenance for 3 years.

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After all these years!

Jerry Stratos, 10/20/2009
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After 3.5 years of owning a used Lincoln LS... Never again. :( Especially taking new dates on ventures where you smell smoke buring off the engine because of a valve cover gasket leak... As I go down the highway the sterring wheel shakes vigorously and I assure her everthing is safe. :O Last but not least... I refill my tires with air because I don't have the money to replace my corroding rims that are decaying from the inside out. This car has cost me more money than it was worth... I should kept my old 87 Honda Accord that I sold for 500 bucks! No wonder our beloved automakers are losing ground against the foreign competition...

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2001 LS Review

cahill, 12/05/2009
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Bought the LS in 2002 as a new car. Am totally satisfied. It feels like a car I can still rely on especially with 130,000 miles on it. I had to replace the window regulator twice, once on the driver side and once on the passenger side. The cause both times were the plastic rollers and not the regulators. Also the drivers seat heater quit working. Other than that I love the car and would buy one again it it ever goes back into production.

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Good sports car not a family car

Bring back the LS, 12/17/2009
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I have had the vehicle for a few years now. I have had just a few problems with it. the valve cover gaskets leaked, the chrome on the inside of the rims had oxidated and potted out. I recently had to purchase new rims for the vehicle 8(. Over all the car has been a good car gets okay fuel mileage for a V8. Only thing i wish it had more of is storage room in the trunk and room in the car with 2 kids it can be a tight fit on long trips.

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Say No to Ls

Chris, 02/18/2008
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This is a awsome vehicle when running. At 99k the engine threw a rod which Ford could not replace.the lower ball joints went out which cost big bucks.It has cost a lot of money to own.I do want to point out that if your ls miss fires check for oil around the spark plug because it will leak oil int that area.

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Never Ending Problems

VegasRob, 12/18/2004
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I wish This car was more reliable because it was comfortable and fun to drive. It got about 16 mpg, the headlights always fogged up, and the computer message center malfunctioned quite often. I had this car less than a year and it was in the shop for repairs four times and for a total of a month and a half. My extended warranty took care of my collasped driver side window, and my reconstructed transmission, but I forked over around $800 each for faulty t-stat and cracked radiator fluid tank, and shorted MAF sensor which fried my computer system in the car. The car was stolen about a week ago and the cops haven't found it yet. Maybe its a blessing in disguise. Who knows.....

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