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Timothy Auhll, 12/27/2015
4dr Sedan (4.3L 8cyl 5A)
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Your reading this because your interested in a Lexus LS 430. The same thing I did last year when I was thinking about purchasing a used LS 430 with 250,000 miles . At the time I owned a 1997 LS 400 with 260,000 miles and a 1991 LS 400 with almost 340,000 miles on it. And bought my mother in law a 1997 ES 300. I know a little about Lexus automobiles. After driving LS 400's for hundred of thousand's of miles , I was not prepared for how much SMOOTHER and QUIETER the LS 430 has been improved over the LS 400's. I'm writing this review a year and half after buying my black LS 430 because last night I had an hour drive from a friends house and still couldn't believe how nice this car is now with 271,000 miles on it. When I pulled off the highway , I checked the in dash fuel mileage gauge, 30.1 mpg . Earlier in the week I had a 3 hr. highway drive and the gauge showed 28.7 mpg. when I had stopped. Huge trunk compared to my LS 400's. I'm now looking for a LS 430 sport and no I never selling this one. Update : Mar. 2019 At 319,000 miles my LS 430 keeps rolling along. Just got back from a 500 mile road trip and getting ready for another 500 mile tomorrow. I still look at the newer LS 430's to upgrade. I have found the newer LS 460's don't hold the value that the LS 430 holds. I still don't plan on selling my LS 430, perhaps I will hand it down to my son if I upgrade to a newer LS 430. The timing belt / water pump service is coming due. so I will have to make some decisions shortly. Everybody who rides or drives my LS 430 always comments on how quiet and smooth the car is with 319,000 miles. So my Black Beauty will ride on until my next update.

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Fast Cruiser

Cruiser/Los Angeles, 11/07/2006
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Been searching for months for 01, with Navigation in pearl white/white. Best car I have ever owned. Super smooth, VERY comfortable, very quick/fast. Better than listed mpg, gets 30 mpg freeway. Navigation very easy/useful. M.L stereo is incredible. I go for a drive now to relax ! Headlights are great. Trunk is huge. Wife and kids love it. Its a perfect 10 !

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Great luxury, Expensive parts!

Roger, 10/15/2010
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I bought this car used at auction when it had 65K miles. I now have 140K on it and it runs great. It is wonderfully luxurious, has a powerful engine, and very few things go wrong. But when they do, very few if any companies other than Lexus make parts (too few LS430's to make it worthwhile to them), and Lexus takes merciless advantage of their monopoly. Only Lexus sold the two catalytic converters I needed (budget about $1500 installed each), a pipe for the exhaust is $1200 uninstalled (mechanic told me it's $200 for other cars), even an extra key will set you back $200-$300!

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2001 Lexus LS 430

Les, 09/18/2006
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Flawless reliability, after 5 years and 95000 miles not one repair issue. My only visit to the dealer was to have the Nav system re-programmed due to a satellite change (they sent me $50 for my trouble). It is still as solid and tight as the day I bought it, still not a hint of wind noise.

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Lexus LS430

Lexus Driver, 08/06/2010
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Third Lexus, 2nd LS430, LS400 parents still driving. Regretted trading in 1st LS430. Have owned 3 Benz, 2 BMW, 1 BMW M Package, 300ZX, RX-7, Porsche 356C, Triumph etc. Current LS430 Ultra Luxury, Acceleration, handling, Wife likes it!, Unbelievable luxury, cooled seats, rear reclining/vibrator seats, rear cooler, radar dynamic cruise collision detection. Can raise height of car to avoid front bumper scrapes. Rides like silent luxurious limousine, then switch to sport mode adaptive air suspension, power mode and takes off, accelerates and corners like a much smaller sports car, grips better than expected, very difficult to reach limit when dynamic stability control engages. 27 MPG HWY.

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