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Classy design and dependable car.

Tadashi Davis, 07/09/2010
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After reading the reviews on the Lexus LS400, we found one with 97K miles in good condition. The car run smoother than many new vehicle I have driven! The car if maintained well is very dependable and will last for 300k miles I am sure. I will say this: if you are buying a used one especially the 1992, make sure the timing belt service has been done to it (think it is the 60K or 100K service) it is pretty pricey. I have had it since Feb 10 and it looks brand new. The cars lines are ahead of its time, straight and classy. The interior it nice and comfortable, The factory sound system is very nice. I do suggest tinting the windows cause the leather gets hot during the summer.

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Great Bargain

ergo, 04/24/2006
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Bought as a one owner vehicle with low mileage. Runs GREAT!!!! Far superior to many new cars today. The interior is like new and that IS NOT AN exaggeration by any stretch. For the price of a used one you can get a far inferior vehicle. Quiet drive, great sound system (Nakamichi), and a smooth ride. Great touring vehicle. They are doing fine with the LS 430 and later models LS 400's. Go 98 and above if you can afford it but for a great bargain go old school.

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Good Choice

JHenry, 01/29/2010
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Purchased in 2001 with 87,000 miles for $12,500 in spring of '01. Should have waited a few months - I would have learned that AC did not work. Never bothered to fix the AC, but shelled out around $5,000 over the last 9 years for brakes, front end parts, water pump, timing belt and power steering pump. Engine and tranny have never been a problem. Love the smooth ride and premier sound system. I believe the vehicle would match up very well against a Caddie or Lincoln of the same year. It's going up for sale soon and for $1,000 someone will get a darn good used car.

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Maybe I just lucked out?

DrPhil_Fan, 01/16/2010
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I purchased this car for next to nothing with 160k miles on it. The exterior has a few minor dings, chips and scrapes, but the paint is still glossy and, while a late model, the design still feels modern. The interior is worn, but clean and comfortable. This car was made in 1992 and other than the power antenna (doesn't extend, I disconnected myself), and the dead LCD display for the climate/clock (a known flaw) all of the accessories function as they should. This is a great thing because this car is absolutely loaded. Way ahead of its time. In the 1.5 years I have owned this car, I've put <$500 of maintenance toward it. Doesn't get great mileage, but hey, V8. HELLO! 20 on the HWY.

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Supreme Quality

Melody, 03/13/2002
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This vehicle has been the most reliable of the 20 cars that I have owned. Along with reliability comes comfort, luxury and a the little extras that no other car manufacturer can touch yet. When comparing with Mercedes, BMW and Porsche, Lexus as a whole package has them beat by far. The car is fully loaded, handles well, very comfortable, and very reliable. You will get plenty of room in this car, trunk included.

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Is it Sick to Love a Car?

Edric K., 07/14/2017
4dr Sedan
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I saw Toyota's VCR-tapes of the Celsior's tortured development in 1989 and wanted it for its soul, not its looks. It's the best way to consider a Toyota product. It arrived as a "The LS", and my birthday gift from me to me was a good price on the last '92 at Lexus of Oakland... and driving home, I said-to-ME "I HOPE this is the last car I ever have to buy". I was 49. That was TWENTY-FIVE YEARS ago. It's cost me normal care & feeding, a "surprise" alternator and starter, and a new windshield from a rock-hit. Sure, some of its more gee-whiz features have faded, but then, so have MINE. When I see what $37,000 buys "new" NOWADAYS? To ride on a sled of Lithion-ion BATTERIES? Are you CRAZY?

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Insuranceguy, 05/29/2002
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I have 164,000 on it and it still rides great. The drivers seat is not as comfortable as I would like and it would be great to be able to lower it some for extra headroom but it is terrific in every other way. Reliability has been awesome for a luxury car. There is a lot left in this car and you can't say that about any American luxury cars. Caddy's and Lincoln's are unreliable and expensive to keep by 100k so forget about them. buy one and see for yourself. Don't let the mileage slow you down!

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Smooth as Butter

Rahmo242, 08/15/2007
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I bought it off eBay. Drove from Akron Ohio to West Palm Beach. It's a dream to drive on the interstate with plenty of power, plus 25 mpg. Not bad at all.

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No Clunker!

Bill, 08/10/2009
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Great car and a real workhorse. Nothing made can compare to the all around utility of the LS. No rattles, great ride, good MPG, and great paint.

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Do not buy

300dturbo, 07/17/2009
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Car will blow heater core, overheat, and leak antifreeze 94% of the time in these cars. You will have to buy new heater core for around $350 and then pay a mechanic 8 hours of labor $1000 to take out dashboard and replace it. Moon roof vents constantly get clogged and it will pour heavy rain inside car. Temp control unit LCD display is always broken, so are the nighttime bulbs, horrible gas mileage 9-14 city for a 4.0 liter v8 with 200 horses, air suspension on thee cars are comfy but will not last more than 50,000 miles and are $1100 each x4 to replace.

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