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Classy design and dependable car.

Tadashi Davis, 07/09/2010
4dr Sedan
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After reading the reviews on the Lexus LS400, we found one with 97K miles in good condition. The car run smoother than many new vehicle I have driven! The car if maintained well is very dependable and will last for 300k miles I am sure. I will say this: if you are buying a used one especially the 1992, make sure the timing belt service has been done to it (think it is the 60K or 100K service) it is pretty pricey. I have had it since Feb 10 and it looks brand new. The cars lines are ahead of its time, straight and classy. The interior it nice and comfortable, The factory sound system is very nice. I do suggest tinting the windows cause the leather gets hot during the summer.

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Superb Mediocre Car!

Colin Kellogg, 01/07/2016
4dr Sedan
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It was Toyota's finest effort. It cannot handle or stop like a BMW or Mercedes, but they did manage to run away from the Germans with true ingrained quality of manufacture. This Lexus has given me 100,000 miles of totally reliable driving, the engine is a dream, smooth, free-revving, outstanding fuel economy of 24-28 mpg (if other reviewers are complaining about fuel economy, try changing the o2 sensors), the transmission is smooth and capable (though it does not hold the gear you're in if you get off the gas quickly like the fully-hydraulic transmission in my Mercedes manages to figure out), and the overall experience of this car has held constant, from 77,000 miles to 180,000 miles. Leather is intact. Carpeting is plush. Engine is silky smooth. Nakamichi stereo is simple and competent. My favorite doodad is that electro-flourescent instrument panel. Yes the speedometer needle went dark, yes the dealer wanted $1,200.00 to repair, yes, I fixed it for $15.89 (a bottle of window defogger repair paint tp establish an electrically continuous line on the backside of the needle). I love Toyota's real effort with this car. I do not like new Lexus Bloat Barges . . . update: July 10, 2017 - gave reviewed car to brother. Then had crippling Seller's Remorse. So, I bought an identical 1991 Lexus LS 400 with only 57,000 miles that is utterly perfectly fresh (still smells new in the trunk). Set for life. 07/11/20 The 1991 now has 88,800 miles. Nothing has broken, no top-off of any fluids, drives like a dream ...

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Great Bargain

ergo, 04/24/2006
4dr Sedan
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Bought as a one owner vehicle with low mileage. Runs GREAT!!!! Far superior to many new cars today. The interior is like new and that IS NOT AN exaggeration by any stretch. For the price of a used one you can get a far inferior vehicle. Quiet drive, great sound system (Nakamichi), and a smooth ride. Great touring vehicle. They are doing fine with the LS 430 and later models LS 400's. Go 98 and above if you can afford it but for a great bargain go old school.

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Supreme Quality

Melody, 03/13/2002
4dr Sedan
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This vehicle has been the most reliable of the 20 cars that I have owned. Along with reliability comes comfort, luxury and a the little extras that no other car manufacturer can touch yet. When comparing with Mercedes, BMW and Porsche, Lexus as a whole package has them beat by far. The car is fully loaded, handles well, very comfortable, and very reliable. You will get plenty of room in this car, trunk included.

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Good Choice

JHenry, 01/29/2010
4dr Sedan
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Purchased in 2001 with 87,000 miles for $12,500 in spring of '01. Should have waited a few months - I would have learned that AC did not work. Never bothered to fix the AC, but shelled out around $5,000 over the last 9 years for brakes, front end parts, water pump, timing belt and power steering pump. Engine and tranny have never been a problem. Love the smooth ride and premier sound system. I believe the vehicle would match up very well against a Caddie or Lincoln of the same year. It's going up for sale soon and for $1,000 someone will get a darn good used car.

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