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2013 GS 350 F Sport - Most fun to drive!

dyeyk, 08/24/2013
4dr Sedan (3.5L 6cyl 6A)
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I took my time buying in December 2012, actually spending 4 weekends test-driving the A6, 535i, E350, and GS 350 F Sport. I bought the GS 350 F Sport ... it's just simply the most fun to drive. To top it off, it had all the luxury-sports styling & character, & options & features that mattered most to me. 8 months and 6,000+ miles after, it is still exhilarating to drive this car, and it continues to get comps from kins, friends, and colleagues. Only reason it has relatively low mileage is that I have 2 other cars that also need to be driven. I look forward to many years of reliable use, minimal maintenance cost (for oil and filters, tires, break pads) & excellent Lexus center services.

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Picked GS 350 over A6 - tough by perfect choice!

knew33, 01/22/2016
4dr Sedan AWD (3.5L 6cyl 6A)
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I bought a 2013 GS 350 after agonizing between it and the A6. In fact, having previously owned two Audi’s, I thought my mind was made up. After too much research, I was still intent on the A6 even though the GS 350 had risen on my radar. I recalled seeing the new 2013 GS at a car show and being blown away by the cockpit and that cool display, but that was about it. I still wanted the German feel and Audi engineering/design. When I finally drove a loaded A6 30T Prestige I was a bit underwhelmed. I can’t explain why – it was beautiful and had lots of grunt off the line. Maybe my expectations were too high. My mind verified all the good things that I had read in reviews. But I was left feeling empty – and at that price point, I wanted to feel more - in my heart. Then I test drove the GS. It immediately wowed me in comparison. Again, I could not explain why, but it felt better… it spoke to my mind and heart. And oh, how that engine growl sang to me as the RPMs shot past 4,500 on the tach compared to the silence of the A6. So this sent me back to my research – exhaustive research – trying to quantify the differences so I could make my purchase with confidence. It was tough since I had such brand loyalty to Audi... and had been looking forward to getting back into one now that my kids were old enough not to trash it with spilled milk and gummy bears. But I kept hesitating. In the end, and after test driving another A6 I went with the GS 350. The deciding factors were clear… it was fun to drive, had impeccable build quality, was luxurious and sporty (lux package, thank you) and had a reputation for industry-leading reliability. It was a few pennys cheaper too (in purchase price and cost of ownership)… And I figured that it would be a rather high mileage car when the time came to sell it, and would clearly be worth more than a high mileage German car thanks to that Lexus reliability. Now that I have been driving it more, I can better quantify the differences over the A6 and why I love it so much. It feels better as a driver’s car, tight and hunkered down… it drives small... and being able to choose Sport + mode turns it into more of a speed-racer than this dad with a past could become bored of… stomp on the gas and the sound is visceral. I’m a driver’s driver, but I also live in the real world spending most of my time commuting. And I look forward to commuting with this car. The GS is my sanctuary and elicits passion, not just in the way it drives, but in the way it surrounds you in sport AND luxury. The seats are the best I’ve ever experienced and this is one reason the A6 left me feeling unloved. The A6 seats are flat and uninspired. The GS seats w/ the lux package hug me… literally. The leather and slightly retro/slightly futuristic cockpit in black with linear espresso wood makes me feel ensconced. And the big display is just wow… The A6 felt a bit sterile compared to this car. It lacked passion for me. So in the end, I am reluctant, surprised and totally satisfied GS 350 owner.

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abacomike, 04/30/2012
4dr Sedan (3.5L 6cyl 6A)
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Took delivery of my new GS350 yesterday with NAV, Blind Spot Alert, Park Assist Sensors, Mark Levinson Audio, Luxury Package, etc. Test drove the sport model but did not like the metallic interior or tires that could not be rotated. Traded my Mercedes E350 and find this new GS more refined, higher tech features, less harsh ride and reduced road noise, higher quality interior, more comfortable seating, and handling and responsiveness far superior to Mercedes and BMW's I have owned. Had a 2001 GS300, but the only similarity to that 2001 is the GS insignia. Technology is unbelievable and the interior resembles the cockpit of of a Gulfsteam Jet. Worth every penny I spent on it!

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F-Sport is the best 5-Series competitor ever...

hockyguy4u, 03/10/2013
4dr Sedan AWD (3.5L 6cyl 6A)
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The GS350 F-Sport is, in reality, the best "5-Series" ever built. It is very tight, has precise weighted steering, and handles like a BMW--or even better-- in every way. It is the ultimate sports luxury sedan...but you need to get the F-Sport version and drive it in Sport+ mode (the most aggressive mode), which decrease gas milage somewhat. However, unlike the 5-series, the GS350 has the interior quality and fine leather of a $100K+ car (I'm not exaggerating--especially with the cabernet interior), and the build quality and long-term reliability and service that BMW or Audi can't match. Btw, I've been been driving German sports sedans for years, and this Lexus beats them all.

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Love this car!

jow3441, 11/30/2013
4dr Sedan AWD (3.5L 6cyl 6A)
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Have owned 2013 GS350 AWD for two months and really enjoy driving the car. I drove Infiniti Q50, G37x, M37, Hyundai Genesis, and BMW 335 and picked the GS. It had a solid ride and quality unmatched by the others.

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