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Worth the extra bucks

Ray, 11/17/2006
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I labored over spending over 40K for transportation but got over it as soon as I hit the road. Did a 2600 mile road trip to Taos, NM within days and averaged 30.3 MPG doing between 70 and 80 MPH. Not too shabby for a vehicle with all this power. Ran midgrade fuel and never had a hiccup. Vehicle is super comfortable, quiet, smooth and powerful. The Navigation is a must have although a bit intimidating at first to use. The ventilated seats and swiveling headlamps are great innovations and extremely practical to boot. I have had to do some serious reading in the manual to unlock the mysteries of all the new technology but am doing nicely.

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The best value of any entry luxuary car

Steve in CT, 12/29/2006
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Owned for 1 month. I researched every so called entry luxury sedan out there. None of them had the smooth and quiet ride that I have experienced with the 2007 ES 350 Lexus. Before you purchase an entry luxury car do yourself a favor and sit in the back seats of the Infiniti and Acura. No comparison for comort. Only sedan that can comfortable fit 5 adults. Try that with the competition. When driving over 60 miles per hour in each car, You will notice some noise in every auto except the Lexus. Much smoother, cushier ride then the Infiniti and Acura. Fuel economy. I'm getting 23-24 mph in city. All hwy. was 28-29 mph. Using mid grade gas.

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Pursuit of perfection? Please catch up.

dbllc, 11/01/2006
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I agree with a writer's assessment about noises, poor highway handling and the so-so radio. The important problem is the highway handling. At 60 to 65 mph and above, the car seems to have a wobble, and the steering wheel actually shakes. I am still working with a dealer to fix this. From day 3 of owning the car I have had noises, creaks, rattles, whatever inside. Most of the dashboard noise has been fixed now, but other noises are coming from pillars or doors. I drive a lot, so the problems are very disappointing.

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1st time user! Why did I wait so long?

Boyd Higbee, 12/27/2017
4dr Sedan (3.5L 6cyl 6A)
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It might be a little early to make a report on this car, but when I picked it up, I was impressed.... Now I'm even more impressed. My wife & I had been looking for a few weeks for an upgrade to our existing mini-van with 200K plus on it. I kept telling my wife that I wanted a luxury car (with minimum road noise), something like an older Lincoln Town car! She kept saying that the Lincoln was an "old man's car", to which I replied "well I'm an old man"! We test drove a couple cars like a Subaru, Cadillac and a GMC Cross-over! Got tired of looking rather quickly, as they all look and feel the same after a while. Last week, we stopped at a used lot only a few blocks from our house to look at a couple of vehicles out close to the road that caught my wife's attention. I did not like either one and express to the salesman that they were all alike and that I wanted something to get excited about ~ like a 6 to 10 year old luxury car with low mileage..... He said he had one "right over here" that was a one-owner 10yr old with everything on it! He said they were asking more than I indicated I wanted to spend, but I should look anyway. I indicated that my checkbook was variable, in that it varied depending upon the degree of excitement!!! Anyway I drove it, got excited, went to the bank for a cashiers check and purchased a lovely 2007 Lexus ES with many add-ons/upgrades within the hour.... Only had it a week, but find something new I love about it every day. Took a trip Christmas to Portland, OR (usually 3 1/2 hrs) at Christmas on terrible ice-covered roads to see the kids. It took 7 hrs! I was so glad to have this car with all the traction control and safety features.... We got to know the advanced navigation system and a few more goodies during the trip. Continue to enjoy all this car has to offer and we got what we wanted - - - a luxury car with much of the depreciation on someone else!!! Everything works and we are still getting to know it.

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I love this car

jbcamel, 09/18/2012
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I have had my 2007 ES 350 since June 2006. Every few months I toy with the idea of getting a new car but each time I decide that I should stick with this car. It's the best one I've ever owned and I love it. The only weak spot seems to be the brakes. I have 77k miles and have had to replace the brakes twice. I do not ride the brakes or use many hills. Past cars have never needed new brakes - they were all sold at about 55k miles. This car is quite and beautifully made. Add to that the fact that the dealership service department is outstanding and I just can't part with it.

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