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1995 lexus es 300 the best car i ever bought

rickybig, 04/11/2013
4dr Sedan
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Hello everyone i bought my car in october 31st 1995 i drove off lot with 136 miles on my car today at time of this writing i have 287,000 on this car 04-11-2013 ,This car has been awesome it still looks great all the nobs still on the car the engine is very quite and the car is still nice and solid. i am proud of my car i have taken care of it and it has taken care of me .When i go to resturants i let valets park it with the super new cars yeah baby it still commans that kind of respect from me and others who may park my car.i am 64 years young so i have in my life bought other american cars ,brf they have all broke down before there time . This car still has original every thing 1995 lexus

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My '95 Lexus ES 300

Eddie C., 11/13/2008
4dr Sedan
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I've been wanting a Lexus ES 300 for a while and finally got one. These cars are great and drive like an absolute dream! Extremely quiet, too. They are based on the Toyota Camry and share engines & some parts. My ES 300 had 130k when I bought it and has been kept up pretty well. Typical mechanical issues with it have been a slow leak in the A/C, and I think a minor oil leak. Also the power antenna motor needed replacement. Cosmetically these ES 300s are notorious for having the lights in the instrument cluster burn out, making it hard (and impossible at night) to see certain gauges. Also the air vents are easily breakable, so be gentle when adjusting them. Still, a wonderful car!

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Running at 193,300 mi

Diane , 09/01/2009
4dr Sedan
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Bought car in 1998 with 40k miles. Still run great at 193,300 mi. No leaks or rattle w/ sunroof. Paint still shiny from many drive thru car washes. 1/3 of the front engine replaced due to my accident, but runs without problems. Get the recommended tires to run smooth. The antenna mast just replaced, too. The odometer, oil needles are flickering out, was previously replaced at 99k mi with warranty, the 2nd time its happening at 193K mi no warranty left not sure if I want to spend $1000+. There are no oil leaks, still use Toyota for major repairs and Sears for oil changes. Noisy air leaks near lower corner of driver window & mirror, but still a good car with the many miles. No bad blind spot.

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21 year old Lexus ES300

Noah Diamond, 05/03/2016
4dr Sedan
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My vehicle was assembled in December, 1994, making it 21 years old as I write this. The car is fantastic. My grandmother owns a 2014 Toyota Camry, and although they have improved the size of the car, the older Camry and Lexus feel more solid and better built. I got my car for $2500 and I have put money into it to get it into good driving condition with tires, struts, alignments, etc. Nothing major was done on the car. This video has me speaking with some slightly colorful language, but this video will show how well the engine is controlling vibration and noise today. It's a great car, and I am happy with it. With over 111K miles, it still feels like a new car most of the time. Sometimes it shifts a tiny bit firm when it first starts up, but in 5 miles of driving the fluid heats up and it is shifting like it was when it was new. My step father used to own the exact same year make and model car. It was great then, and great now.

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236K miles still runs!

Alex, 02/12/2006
4dr Sedan
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This car is a tank.. nothing will take it down... Rarely change the oil, and it still runs great. I bought this car with 170K miles, its close to 240K. Sure the dashboard lights are going out, but I have never had a car that runs as smooth. Still looks somewhat stylish as well. Can't go wrong with the Lexus guys.

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