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Head Turner

AndrewSC, 10/28/2010
Premium 4dr Sedan (5.0L 8cyl 6A)
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I took the car for a spur of the moment road trip 2 days after purchase.I love the way this car hugs the road and makes you feel really involved in sport and dynamic mode. I love the fact that you don't see many on the road. At first glance it looks like a Aston Martin from the rear. I did my homework and compared many other models from BMW, MB,Audi, and Infiniti. nothing compares to the driving experience and looks of this car. Jaguar has really outdone themselves on this one. Away with the old days of Jag and in with the new. I have been treated very well by the dealership and would recommend anyone drive this car before considering another manufacturer. I have fallen in love.

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I thought it was a great product!

Michael, 04/10/2019
Premium 4dr Sedan (5.0L 8cyl 6A)
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Bottomline stay away. I got a 2010 Xf Premium with 43k miles from the original owner. It had been under warranty it's whole life. Also, paid for dealership to do an inspection on it and it came back with a clean bill of health. Only 13,000 miles into ownership. TWO Airbag sensors randomly went faulty, cost of repairs $1800. Front suspension is full of cheap rubber bushings that dry out and when they do, the steering wheel shakes. The infotainment screen upfront that controls nearly everything - freezes all the time. Dealer did update and sais nothing is wrong. Reverse camera works when it wants to. Leather dash board is beginning to wealt. A speaker suddenly was blown...all I listen to is NPR at low volumes! There is more things, bottomline - it's one of those cars that things just break without warning. And/or there is something always wrong with it. Stay away from Jaguar. They won't stand behind their product and will charge for things they should cover even when out of warranty. Suchas airbag sensors! They are beautiful cars but so is Lexus. I regret my decision for trying to get something different. Save yourself, don't buy jaguar unless it's under a warranty - and expect for it to be at the shop a lot. Beautiful cars, horrible reliability and use cheap parts where the consumer can't see. Poorly built cars - wrapped in beautiful design. I've had their Loaner and drove the new XE and that car is full of the same issues with backup camera and very cheap plastic interior. I will never buy into Jaguar again as you should not. I never wright reviews, but I am because when I did the research - the internet was full of reviews about how great and reliable they are just like a toyota. I question the credibility of the reviews and just wish I would have read a review like mine to save me from this headache of a car.

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WOW, English Engineering Refined!

crbuckman, 03/22/2014
Premium 4dr Sedan (5.0L 8cyl 6A)
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Love this car! Not a fuel efficient car, as I have the premium 2010 5.0 V-8 model. But wow, the power and refinement is top-notch performance and far beyond my 2006 Audi A6 ever delivered. I seldom write feedback, but have to say the Jag is still one of the best looking and uniquely undiscovered cars on the road. If you don't follow the herd, check this offering out. Even now, I am so happy to walk out to my car and "drive". By now, my Audi started to feel "routine". Audi's are great, Jags are unique!

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Former Jag Lover

Birmingham Man, 08/14/2010
4dr Sedan (4.2L 8cyl 6A)
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I test drove a 2010 XF about a year ago and it felt solid and drove well. I was impressed. I decided to take out a 4 year lease. Little did I know the problems that await less than a week later. From the check engine light to squeaks and rattles, this car has been a nightmare to own. In the first 2 months it spent 40 days in the shop. It is not "screwed and glued" together well at all. Now after almost a year I can truly say it is the worst car I've ever owned. Jaguar USA was no help. I felt completely helpless after talking to them. The car just sits in the garage, rarely driven because I'm not sure what will break next, additionally, squeaks and rattles still run rampant.

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Whoa! Tata has a winner here

PVB, 06/22/2009
Premium 4dr Sedan (5.0L 8cyl 6A)
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I have always had this view that Jaguars are for the 'has-beens' and usually is headed to the shop for repairs...but it seems like Jags have had a complete turn, the ride was just awesome....100mph was like butter! This is an undiscovered gem....and I got a great value for money as compared to the Audi and BMW...and E series of Merc...move over guys...the roar is back into the Jag...the styling is cool, sexy and hot...don't mess with this one.

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