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Drive by Numbers - Tesla in all 50 states

With Mississippi seeing its first registration, a Tesla Model S now can be found in all 50 states

 Jessica Caldwell, Senior Analyst Media darling Tesla has made headlines of late for vehicle fires, a recall (or a non-recall if you're Elon Musk), and a host of other issues. In the midst of this, the electric car company quietly hit an important sales milestone– a Model S is now registered in every state of the union.

We've been watching and waiting for this for a long time.

For eight months Mississippi was the lone holdout preventing coast-to-coast bragging rights for the electric car company, but the last batch of Polk registration data shows a Model S was finally registered in Jackson, Miss.

It was no surprise that Mississippians weren't rushing to acquire a Model S since the state has the smallest market share of EVs in the nation. They prefer large trucks which are the most popular segment in the state, comprising over 20% of new vehicle registrations in 2013.

The Model S initially launched in California, where the first models were registered in June 2012. Soon after, the vehicle saw rapid state expansion with 42 states plus the District of Columbia reporting Model S registrations by the year’s end. The 2nd-to-last state to see the electric vehicle registered was West Virginia in April 2013. With Mississippi reporting the sole registration in November, it took a year and a half for a Tesla Model S to hit every state. In comparison, the Nissan Leaf took slightly longer – 23 months - to infiltrate the nation with North Dakota finally showing up to the party. The Chevrolet Volt, a Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle, took 11 months before a sale was registered in every state with Montana and South Dakota providing the finale.

California continues to lead all Tesla ownership by a landslide with 48% of Model Ss registered in the state.

Model S Registration

Despite the popularity of the Model S, California ranks behind both Washington and Hawaii in electric vehicle market share. As a whole region, the West coast has certainly braced the electric vehicle movement compared to New York which has one of the highest sales rate in the country, yet ranks 25th in terms of EV market share.

Top 10 and Bottom 10 electric vehicle markets:

EV Registration

Here is a more detailed look of the Tesla Model S rollout:

Tesla Model S rollout

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