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utilitarian with character

ben223, 06/29/2012
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This is the second car I've owned and the first I've come to love. Bought it with 135,000 miles and still starts and runs great at 147,000 miles. Have only had to replace manual window regulator, and do routine maintenance. I love to drive this car! It gets great gas mileage, is very reliable, and with rear seats folded is capable of holding LOTS of stuff. I frequently go on camping and road trips and i'm easily able to fit all my gear in the back hatch (and often times a canoe on top too). I am 6'6" tall and 275lbs and I easily fit in the interior, and am also able to climb in and out of the rear seat when front is folded, a difficult task in my other friends coupes.

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Fun small car, but loud!

reddotblackdot, 05/15/2010
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I purchased this car used in 2005, and therefore all the 'warranties' on it were void. it had 30,000 miles. It now has 92,000 and the transmission blew out. It is a $2,000 repair as the whole transmission needs to be replaced. That is almost the worth of the whole car so I am just going to buy another car. It is not a bad car, it is small and that is what i like. It is also quite zippy, i think, however it costs me $22 to fill up and i have to fill it up about every week and a half. I have a 20 min. ride to work from where i live. So you do the math. It is a good used car but i wouldn't pay too much for it.

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Tiny and Perfect

Tiana, 03/09/2006
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I got this car in Feb. when if first started to snow. It really was easy to drive in all types of weather. This is a great first car. And for all shorter people (like myself) its easier to see then some other bucket seat cars! I love this car!

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Catalytic Converter - Horrible

Tony Burns, 03/17/2010
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Overall my car was a fun and reliable car with very few issues. Last year I could not pass the emission test and the problems began. The check engine light would not go off and the codes said that the engine was under load even in low idle. The there was also a code for a new converter. On most vehicles the converter is under the car and may cost a couple hundred dollars. The converter on this vehicle is attached to the exhaust manifold and cost over a thousand dollars. I would have loved to keep the car but I was so upset with the outrageous price and location of the converter that I had to let it go. Good car, bad converter location!

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not to bad

tom434, 04/05/2002
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great gas milage the rides not bad for a small car and the price was great considering toyota,honda and such wanted much more for basically the same thing.The engine performs well it has alot of zip manuvers well doesnt strain a bit even in the mountains.

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Ol' reliable

florencejeanne, 08/14/2010
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This has been a generally great little car. It is not very peppy when you first take off, but it is great once it gets going. I get 33mpg in town and 36 mpg on the highway. Mileage with ethanol is lower. It is unbelievable how much this can carry with the rear seat folded down. This car was in an accident about 5 years ago. I t-boned a Ford LTD that ran the light. I hit their center support column and their car was a loss, not mine. The crumple zone did its job and nothing farther back than the battery was touched. I had no major injuries. The car went for years with only oil changes. In ten years, besides belts and hoses, I have only replaced the computer and the water pump.

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awesome car!! I love it!!!

Synka, 10/07/2005
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I have never had a problem with my Accent. I commute back and forth to school, and this car does the trick. I have left it stock, except for some changes to the interior. This car is also used for drag racing, in which it does pretty well. It is consistent, as well as responsive. Like I said, this a great car, for a great price. And that's not even mentioning the fuel economy!

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Great cheap car

beman, 04/15/2002
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I have now driven this car more than 35,000 miles and nothing has required a trip to the shop. My Neon had been in the shop 5 times by then. I bought this car for the warranty and have never regretted my decision. It has performed so flawlessly that I think my next trip to Hyundai will be to purchase my next Accent when this one uses up the warranty.

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cute & fun

liss, 04/30/2002
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I got a manual & have soo much fun driving it. I get good pick-up cause its a light car & passing is easy. Mine has a spoiler which makes it unique & stylish.

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Energizer Bunny

parmelade, 07/21/2009
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...keeps going and going.... I love my little Hyundai, bought it new in 2001. It has saved me tons in gas over the years and has never once broken down. At 135,000 miles and 8 years old, I am now reluctantly selling it to my son. I will miss its peppy style and easy parking. The fold-down hatchback trunk holds so much, I will have to borrow it from my son the next time I rent 2 banquet tables and 12 chairs, which fit in it just fine. I am glad my Hyundai is staying in the family.

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