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Fit is still the best B-segment car (but for how long)

mhadden1, 05/05/2011
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This thing is a blast to drive, has respectable mpgs (above EPA estimates), and has more space than anyone could guess from the outside. Although the materials in the cabin are decent, it won't take you long to see they are relatively cheap. You'll also notice the "small" things that you may be use to are not present (heated mirrors, adjustable intermittent wipers). Small gripes, but noticeable. The manual trans shifts smoothly, but a 6th gear is needed to bring the rpms at 60mph below 3k. The Fit is still nice, but other cars are catching up to it (material quality and options, not to mention lower priced). The question is whether or not they will match Honda's long-term reliability...

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Second Time Around's the Charm

cmj9120, 03/31/2011
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I just got my second Fit; an upgrade from a 2010 Base to a 2011 Sport w/ Nav. Before that I was a Volvo guy, so... The Fit is reliable, fun, comfortable, versatile, and easy to drive as well as inexpensive to own. The mini-sport-hatchback factor was hard to resist in the 2010. In the upgraded 2011, it's spectacular. It is worth noting a Fit bested a Ferrari in a lane-change maneuver at over 70mph. Suffice it to say I look forward to traffic-free exit ramps. I have to say, most of the negative reviews of this car seem to not make any sense. If they're unhappy with something, didn't they look at/drive/test the car before they bought it? Bizarre. In sum: Fit + Me = Happy Happy, Joy Joy.

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Great car! I hope you got the manual

sdcole, 02/25/2011
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To begin my review, i am a "car guy" having owned a slew of german and high-end vehicles. I actually traded a 2003 BMW 530i for my Sport Fit! after driving the automatic, i was to say the least unimpressed in the drivetrain, but before leaving with my tail tucked, i decided to try the 5speed!! what a glorious decision!!! I now lovingly refer to it as my economy 911 now and have named her "Hisser"! I went on a 600 mile road trip the day i picked her up and with 4 male adults, and all of our luggage, i was astonished at the roominess of a "small car" and the average 32 MPG at 4000ft altitude. All around great value, and dodges the "economy car" title with style and fun factor!

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2011 Honda Fit Sport AT

ashleyk, 02/18/2011
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I've had my Fit Sport going on three weeks now and I Love it!! I test drove the Fiesta and found it way way too small then test drove the fit and it was completely different feeling. The inside of the Fit feels positively huge, its amazing how much room there is! I've had nothing but fun driving the car, I used to be a speedster but now I care more about gas mileage (with the current mpg scale its fun to drive to max mpg). This is not to say the car doesn't have pick up I just pay more attention to the mpg, and it makes me a safer driver! The only small gripe I've found is that the seats aren't always 100% comfortable, I have back trouble and I wish the lumbar was adjustable but its no

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Things I wish I had Known ..

thankfulgal2, 09/24/2013
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I've been a Honda owner since 1985. I've had 5 Hondas in that time. I bought the Fit based on past experience with Hondas. But there are things I wish I'd known. Like how the blower motor for the heater/AC is too high an ampage and blows resistors (and isn't covered under any warranty), and how the fog lights on the sport model can be easily cracked by road debris and allow water in (requiring a replacement at $361 each to pass inspection), and the tires are an odd size that they cost a fortune to buy (that's if you can find them). There are some obvious design flaws that need to be addressed.

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