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jlawton, 10/19/2010
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At its heart, the Element is exactly what a small SUV should be- practical, reliable, and easy to drive. What sets the car apart is simply how over-the-top utilitarian it really is. The interior is nearly indestructible. The rubberized floors are easy to clean, the seats are waterproof, and the folding rear seats open up a cavernous cargo area that will easily accommodate mountain bikes with the wheels still attached. For a giant rolling box, it handles surprisingly well- though not a sports car, the car feels stable and relatively nimble on mountain roads. An excellent buy for dog owners, college students, or anybody with an active lifestyle.

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This car feels like home now

chasitye, 07/13/2014
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When i first saw this car I thought it was the ugliest thing I had ever seen. Upon further driving and testing, it was PERFECT! The roominess has spoiled me. I can't even tell you how many times I've hauled things inside the car with the seats up and peoples jaws drop because they "had no idea". Countless times I have used the suicide doors to get the kids out and people come up to my car to check it out. It's a 2003!!! Don't act like you've never seen one. With two kids under 10 the rubber floors have been a Godsend! I can't tell you how many ice creams and food disasters have been avoided. Not to mention that after beach trips I just take my leaf blower and blow ALL the sand out of the car

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In my Element

In my Element, 08/15/2010
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I purchased the Element new in 2003. It was easily the ugliest vehicle I had ever seen, but after one test drive (on a dare) I bought it. Best car I've ever owned.

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This car is a survivor!!

moondaisy_us, 09/25/2009
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My husband recently totaled our Element. He swerved to miss a deer at 60MPH, spun out on the road berm, and the car rolled down the highway, landed on its wheels, then smashed into the ditch/hillside. The only part of the car that was not mutilated was the back hatch door. The car was smashed beyond recognition. My husband was uninjured except for a goose-egg on his forehead since the drivers airbag did not go off. This vehicle held together so well that even if it held 4 people, all would most likely have been unharmed, except from flying glass. ALL this and the engine would still run. I would totally buy another Element, and plan to as soon as possible! This car is amazing!

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Hard worker

Raye , 07/07/2010
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My 2003 has 200100 miles on it. Still has the same rotors on the front, shock and struts, muffler system, and surprisingly the same spark plugs that have been checked frequently if they need replacement. Yeah, i have the frozen door lock syndrome and the drivers seat is ripped and uncomfortable, and noisy ride, but this little baby has been good to me. I will be replacing struts and brake pads etc. soon to be on the safe side. Best reliable vehicle I've ever owned.

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