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2008 Honda Civic
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Very Solid High MPG Car

bobbichen, 03/03/2011
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I puchased this unit used, recently in very good condition. ($13k, 44k miles). Hybrids are certainly a different breed of cat. They drive a bit differently, though I like the driving dynamics much better than the Prius. (Brakes seem "grabby" and steering doesn't fit me; HCH has a telescoping and tilt wheel that allows a more aggressive steering position). I find the car to be plenty peppy as to acceleration. Handling and braking are very good in my opinion. Car feels sporty. Hybrid system is a little distracting, and does some odd things (sudden battery "dumps" at times, MPG drops on cold weather). Ride is a bit stiff, bordering on harsh on poor pavement.

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WARNING: Honda IMA Reprogram Recall

BLC, 09/27/2010
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My Civic hybrid performed flawlessly and still regulary returns 43 mpg per tank in mixed city/hwy driving. Per notice from Honda I took recall notice in and was told the computer reflash would only affect the battery recharge rate - would NOT affect the driving characteristics of the car. However, since reflashed, the battery is quicker to discharge in city driving. If it falls below 4 bars of power THE IMA POWER BOOST DOES NOT ENGAGE. I am trying to accelerate with only the 1.3L gas engine until I recharge above 5 bars Dealer sent computer test sample to Honda Tech Dept who acknowledge "many" such instances, but insist the new computer program is operating as designed-NO FIX.

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Honda Civic Hybrid - Be Aware of Repair Costs

Susan Isly, 09/21/2018
Hybrid 4dr Sedan (1.3L 4cyl gas/electric hybrid CVT)
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The one thing I would like everyone to know before buying this car and maybe other cars is that the cost to replace the AC compressor is beyond what I would expect to pay. I would not have bought the car, if I had known in advance the cost of this repair - AC compressor: $1,076 (an AC compressor for a whole house is $180!), the coil: $157, and the clutch for the compressor: $390. Add 6-7 hours of labor and the total is $2,600 - from 2 dealerships. Independent service shops cannot help much, because of the cost of the parts. It is interesting that I don't see much about maintenance costs on web sites or in magazines when reviewing cars. I understand businesses need to make a profit; however, this is excessive.

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Honda can do better

Valmomof2, 09/30/2010
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yeah, the gas mileage is good. Not in the hot summer though. If you sit at a red light too long the hybrid battery runs down and you have very little power to accelerate. No frills in the interior. No automatic headlights, no lighted vanity mirrors, no rear cup holders. It would not have cost Honda that much to add a few comforts to make the driving experience a little more pleasurable.

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2008 Honda Civic Hybrid

SSimon4916, 08/16/2010
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I now have 90k on my car with only one major repair. The window seal contorted at about 30k and was $200 to replace. I get between 39-42 mpg, depending on driving behavior. I am about to receive the battery update for the car, which should increase the life of the battery. I was told Honda did not replace batteries in hybrids when I bought the car, but now they do, or always have. Driving is smooth for the most part, but any bumps or pits in the road will definitely be felt. Service for the car can get a bit pricy. The smaller steering wheel does take some getting used to and the braking can be annoying when it does a full extra tire rotation when charging.

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