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More comfort than a box of rocks!

moitz, 01/27/2011
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Well, it's been 5 years since I purchased this car used, with 32k on the clock. It now has 145k on it, and I'm expecting to own it another 3 years and 60k. So that right there should tell you something about it. This gen of Civic is, quite simply put, the ideal commuter and city car. The engine is reasonably smooth and peppy. Very low road noise with Goodyear Affinity Triple-treads. Steering is nicely weighted for city driving. Ride quality is sportier than it's American counterparts, and build quailty is far and above the class leader. 5 adults will fit if needed. Sunroof and power gizmos abound. Repairs are infrequent and cheap. 36 highway, 30 city. How can you go wrong?

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Hybrid in disguise--UPDATE! (~7 years later)

illili, 11/20/2018
Hybrid 4dr Sedan (1.3L 4cyl gas/electric hybrid 5M)
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I wrote a review with the same title when I purchased the car. I'm still driving it today and have a few updates I think are worth noting. I don't expect many more people to buy this car, but hey, I might as well share what I know. The biggest mechanical issues have been that the check engine light came on around 130,000 and intermittently has gone off and on again since. There is a software fix, but it cuts your MPG from what I had heard so I've just dealt with the light since then. One of the front wheel bearings went out as well as the sway bar end links, those things are pieces of junk but cheap to replace. The AC compressor and radiator developed problems and needed to be replaced around 200,000. The IMA battery light finally came on for me but not until about 215,000 miles. The tell tale sign it's on the horizon is a constant "recalibration" the car does where the battery will "drain" all of its bars even if you aren't accelerating, and then start to charge again. You can note this process happening as well because even with the pedal to the floor, no assist will kick in. Bumblebee batteries makes some great replacements, but for me I've just dealt with the old one. I'm still using the original clutch, but the ISB in the transmission developed some noise like the other models in this year range. No oil leaks/burn to report yet. My MPG when I got the car was mid upper 40s in a rural area with no mountains. I now live in an area with mountains and I use the car to go over passes and have a mountain bike strapped to it frequently. My *worst* MPG average over a tank was about 35 in the 7+ years I've owned the car but now averages around 38-40. Overall, I think this car was pretty solid for an older hybrid. It's efficient, cheap to maintain and buy, and as long as it's standard a blast to drive. For a car that's driven across the country, through countless mountain passes with thousands of feet of gain, on forest service roads and more, I can't ask for more from the $6000 it cost me in 2010.

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Hybrid for sale!!!!

CRA, 05/25/2006
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$4300!!!! That's the price quoted by the dealership to replace the hybrid battery if it fails after the 80K warranty. 40.4!!!! That's my average MPG since I purchased my hybrid. Not quite 50/49 MPG. Consider the negatives before you buy a hybrid. Go for the standard engine!!!!

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The IMA Battery

Pete, 06/03/2008
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The IMA light came on, so I took it to the Dealer to check. The IMA system was not charging, so they had to order a new one for me. The cost of replacement was $5000, which I did not have to pay, as they are warrantied for 10 years. I wanted to know if this is a common problem with The Honda Hybrid, as mine is less than 4 years old.

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Awesome on the highway if you drive slow

hovsolo, 04/03/2009
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I bought this car for my 65 mile round trip commute. It's awesome on the highway if I drive at a constant speed. Going 80, I'll get about 42 mpg. 65-70 mph and it will be around 45-48 mpg. Be a pain to everyone else (55-60mph) and get 49-52 mpg. Acceleration is horrible, and so is the throttle response when trying to stomp on the accelerator pedal. Overall, this car does what it is intended to, be a great commuter. In addition, it is easy to drive at the limits because the low rolling resistance tires are always screaming at you.

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