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Snow Buster

Phil, 12/04/2009
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When it comes to going through the deep snow, this vehicle performs with the best of them(providing your tires aren't bald). Out on the winter lakes in Wisconsin, your mind is put at ease that your in a Yukon!(see You Tube and search for an Eaton G80) It's comfortable, solid, has sufficient power. Drives like the first day it was purchased. I pull a boat and supply trailer with no problems. I have replaced the fuel pump, repaired the intake gasket @ 60K miles(costly), replaced drivers side door internal linkage, and air conditioner components (condenser, compressor, misc.). The gas mileage isn't great (12/17), but when your out driving in the wicked weather, you realize its money well spent.

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Very good SUV

robb, 07/15/2008
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I have found that after owning this SUV that I am very impressed. Yes it is huge but I bought it to do a big job. I have 3 children and a wife that love to travel so therefore we have a 30 foot Jayco. It pulls great, it works great. If I had to buy another SUV I would get a GMC Yukon. Just love it

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Great SUV!

Steve, 11/17/2008
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I have owned this truck for over 6 years and love it. It drives and rides great, holds necessary equipment I need for my job, have had some mechanical issues but were easy to repair (I do a majority of the work myself). Would purchase another once this one completely falls apart.

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It is OK but sometimes you will hate it.

Phatts, 06/29/2002
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I really wanted one of these when they came out. I got mine in March 1997. I did not have any problems at all until July 1999. The transmission went out on a road trip. Since then it has 3 more transmission. Other than one little fact, this really has been a good vehicle to have. I am about to buy another vehicle but this time it will be a Tahoe insted of a Yukon. Peace Chris

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My 4WD Livingroom!

Craig Ross, 08/12/2003
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I luvez my truck. Lovez my truck. This will be my 5th Chevy/GM truck in a row. I'm coming from Porsches! I have fallen in love with the simple things in live that just work now that i'm in my mid 30's. I have had lots of fun in GM trucks because I can forget about worring if they will work or not. I just sold my 1995 Tahoe LT 4-door for 7 grand with 200k on it running perfectly! It was never in the shop and I just wanted to get into a vortec motor for a bit more power and also get pushbutton 4wd for my wife. I got a used 97 Yukon for 9k.These are just the best THINGS with motors on the road. I treat them like crap and the always work.

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