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terrible build

Joi, 08/22/2009
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I do love my truck its looks good. Other than that since I've owned it it has spent more time in a parking spot. One thing after another from a tensioner to the transmission has approx 87,000 miles. the transmission is a good one I've reseached it and it has many many applications I think that the inside apecs should have been researched a bit more this is probally the nost popular transmission the 4L60 just has different for each vehicle Never should have put a 4 cylinder automatic in an extended cab

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Good truck

Erick, 06/09/2009
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I've owned this truck since new and it has been the best vehicle I have ever owned. I have 170,000 miles on it and it has never let me down once. GM built a good one in this little truck. Thank you GM.

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Desert Sonoma, 12/03/2008
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The current Sonoma I drive has been well cared for and has had few major repairs. I received it from my family in 2003, but was purchased in 9/1997. My experience has been that it requires very little maintence and was well built. Except for regular oil and lube, has endured large amounts of travel in the last 3 years has held up very well. The model I have is not the most comfortable, but I am satisfied with design. The a/c performs well as well a the heater.

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Awesome Pickup

jcott06, 01/07/2008
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This truck drives like a car, and has the comfort like one. Very fun to drive in snow has superb handling. Very powerful engine. Only problems I had was the weather stripping dry rotting and it rusted really bad both sides of the cabin, lower part. Other than that really great truck. A must buy

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221k still climbing

jeff, 02/01/2010
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Too me it looks OK but not really sporty, I got the turd brown. I just past 221k And I wouldn't hesitate to put gas and go anywhere,just that reliable. Even with the high miles I still 30mpg..I know this cause my gas gauge has never worked so I just look at the gallons I put in. its just a 2.2 no power but still it has enough to get a ticket..when I want the power I just get on my R-1. anyways a great truck.

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Didn't See This Great Truck Coming..

ZackInTheTruck, 04/16/2004
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Great truck...had to fix the AC and that is it....

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Adequate truck, good value

Phil Graf, 08/25/2016
SLE 2dr Extended Cab 4WD SB
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This is the second GMC Sonoma that I've owned (both used). They are solid and a lot less pricey than the Toyota Tacomas. It's a good looking little truck that is pleasant to operate. The 4.3 L engine seems to be this truck's best feature. Shifting (automatic) is sometimes jerky, but not too bad. These trucks have a typical rear leaf spring fracture, and I ended up with a whole new set of rear springs and shocks all around. The plastic GMC uses for their interiors must be made by the Mattel toy company -- cracks easily and is very hard to repair. Sounds like I don't like the truck, but I do. It's been reliable, and is relatively comfortable. Rear jump seats are pretty much useless, and the rear area (extended cab) is difficult to access unless you get the third door -- which I WISH I had held out for! Bought the truck used with under 100K, now have 140K and could sell it for more than I paid. Overall a decent little truck that will haul WAY over its rated load capacity. I get 18.5 around town and 21 - 22 on long highway trips. UPDATE: I put on a set of Hancook tires with a more aggressive (but not too extreme) tread pattern that is pretty good off-road, but not so great on the highway -- a little squirrely tracking, and they have reduced my milage by one to one & a half miles. Great tires, just not fuel efficient, so now I'm getting about 17 around town and probably 20 - 21 hwy. Still like the vehicle, and how have just about 150,000 on it.

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For the Money, It wasnt too bad

frynit, 05/19/2008
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This was the first car I purchased. GMC did a good thing when they created 4.3 V6 Vortec. This is the most reliable engine that I have ever driven. The body rusts way to easily however, so whoever forgot the clear coat at the assembly plant needs to get smacked. Also, the windshield wiper motor began to short circuit around 110000. Also, the tires recommended by all tire shops are not the ones on the car, which is weird. The suspension is awful. As a result, the interior creaks and squeaks like no other. Also, 2WD, especially in Wisconsin, makes this truck absolutely useless in the winter being that the bed is so light and suspension so loose.

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Leaks everything.

Bob, 01/31/2008
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Has leaked oil, coolant, trans lube, freon since the day I bought it. GM would do nothing. Had to drive a whole year without heat because nobody could figure out why or fix it. Noisy transmission. Mysterious electrical problems. Eats oxygen sensors. Needs new ones every 2 years. Drove about 4 years with the "check engine" light on. Hard to fix since everything is so tightly jammed in the engine compartment. I would not buy GMC again. Yeah, a Sonoma is not a "real" truck. But just because it's small is no excuse for bad design and manufacturing. It wasn't a cheap truck.

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Love my Sonoma

AceBalboa, 07/29/2002
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I bought my '97 Sonoma 4x4 new and have enjoyed driving it ever since. It feels a little sluggish in the city at times, but that's to be expected with most trucks. This truck handles very well on the highway, especially in the mountains. The V6 has enough power to make climbing hills and passing a breeze, even when loaded. If I decide to buy a new truck any time soon, it will most likely be another Sonoma.

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A great Sport Truck

Askani, 09/25/2002
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While my review will be a bit baised, the truth of the matter is that this is a great truck. I own one of the limited models that came with the full ZQ8 package. Needless to say, this truck is more than powerful, and an excellent example of how a sport truck should handle. The truck is very responsive to modifications, which I can attest to personally since mine runs the quarter in a little over 13 seconds flat. Yet, as a pure work truck it is as relaible as can be, and has far better styling than the competition. If you must settle for a mid-size truck, than this is the best choice out there.

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Paul Behr, 04/29/2002
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This vehicle is very fun to drive and is also a pleasure to have

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Great Overall Truck

Jim, 11/02/2007
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My truck has 106,000 miles and has never had any body or engine work, repeat never. It has performed super. I used it to haul, travel, etc. and it has never let me down. I change filters, oil etc. as required and it is still great on performance. I have done all the work myself and would buy another GMC. I plan on keeping this vehicle. It has no scratches, dents, and looks like new. Paint job has not faded, chipped or cracked. No rust at all. It was bought with the Suntrup sport package, flares, decals, etc and they are like new. I had an accident right after I bought it but it has all OEM parts and shows nothing of the accident. Truck is like new, wouldn't trade it for anything.

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