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Duramax Powered

Montana diesel, 02/24/2010
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I have the 2nd generation LLY Duramax engine in mine and i love it. I had to replace the injectors when i bought it at 130,000 but other than that i have just been upgrading. The ride is great, the seats are comfortable, the fuel economy is good, 20-24 highway, 15-18 city, if i keep my foot out of it(hard to do with 400 HP and 600LbFt of torque on tap). I have not had any major breakdowns since owning it. The transmission did blow up at 143,000, but it was a freak electrical short that caused it to engage 2 gears at once(lots of chunks in the pan). It actually got me all the way back to the shop in limp mode which was about 25 miles, 10 of which on a logging road.

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GMC 2500HD 4 years later

Steve Coleman, 04/24/2009
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Truck has been overall a good unit. Windsheild leak when new at passenger floorboard and behind dash. Took 1 year for local dealer to finally fix. Climate Control slow to activate fan, really noticable on hot days, seems I have to press brake pedal to start blower (wierd). Trans will sometimes start in 2nd gear, then shift to 1st. Usual problems with intermiediate steering shaft (now on 2nd fix), driver's seat belt and armrest broke, pass side also (wrty fixes). Also having wierd problem during cold months with intermittent dash light and guages recycling, no fix yet. Orig brakes are still strong at 90k miles, tire wear good, body still tight and quiet, engine strong with no oil usage

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Diesel is wonderful

E. Daniel Shoemaker, 06/18/2004
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Traded in my 96' GMC 3/4 ton Suburban, w/ 454 Vortec engine for this new crew cab, Duramax w/ Allison transmission. Wow what a difference in towing power. Previously driving over mountins into Prescott and Payson, from the Phoenix area, we were lucky to keep up 35mph. Now, wow, 65mph over the same roads and mountains, towing the same trailer. Diesel milage is better than the gas by about 5 to 6 mpg. Wish the Suburban had this engine/trans.

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2004 Duramax

LyleT, 09/09/2004
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Absolutely the best truck I have ever owned. During it's maiden break-in run I got 23.8 mpg. When engine is broken in mileage should be even better. I drive between 55-65 mph and this seems to be the "sweet spot" for performance. Got it to haul our slide in camper and this will be no problem now. (Not like our 91 Silverado which on it's best day with only one person got 20 mpg)

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GMC Duramax

chz, 09/14/2004
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This truck is awesome. We pull a 5th wheel camper and it pulls it like there is nothing there at all. Great truck.

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another awesome gm truck

ronald tootle, 10/16/2004
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this is the fifth (sixth if you count my Tahoe) gm truck that i have had and it is by far the best. talk about reliable. a heavy duty truck that has no problems pullikng my triler in any clime and place. in the snow, on the beach, it does not matter. talk about space, i have two kids and a dog and we travel with no problems, even on long trips. i will never own another type of truck, from any a hummer...that is a different issue. ron tootle major, us marine corps camp lejeune nc gm truck owner since 1985 1985 chevy s-10 1988 chevy s-10 2001 chevy silerado ext cab z-71 2002 gmc sierra ext cab z-71 2002 chevy tahoe 4x4 2004 gmc sierra 2500hd quad cab 4x4

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Research Before Buying

Glenn, 10/07/2006
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The quality of this truck is questionable. Major issues include getting only 275 - 300 miles/tank of gas. Serious steering problems with absolutely no long-term fixes. This is a widespread issue which truly makes the truck a misery to drive! Rust at less than two years. Faulty air, seating, and other minor repairs. I can hardly imagine buying another due to GM's lack of being able to warrany their trucks and offering a fix on such a major steering issue. All they offer is a lube which needs to be applied every four to six months and does not really work well.

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GMC 2500 HD/ Durmax Diesel

tabinmn, 08/28/2004
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I appreciate the diverse choices when purchasing vehicles but choose to pick GM d/t the ability to find anything from fast sports cars, Corvette, to tough Durmax Diesel. The current Vehicle of choice is as described above and I wouldnt tow w/out the performance of the GMC Sierra 2500 HD Durmax Diesel. Not only does the beautifully engineered design look great driving down the highway but also performs outstanding w/absolutely no problems. This is my 3rd Duramax and would recommend it to any serious driver that needs a truck w/towing capacity. Not to mention gas milege...what truck of this capacity can get

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denise, 05/11/2010
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vehicle has 19,000 miles and the breaks give out periodically.....gmc does nothing to resolve...been fighting for over a year and a half with this issue....there best advice is keep driving till one of there mechanics can feel the breaks give out...will NEVER BUY ANOTHER GMC customer service and parts are terrable

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GMC your outa here!!

Greggo112, 08/06/2018
4dr Crew Cab SLE Rwd LB (6.0L 8cyl 4A)
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I bought this truck used with 32K miles from a dealer( it was the mechanics truck) it was certified and still under warranty. I have about 102 K miles on it and the injectors went while I was on vacation 300 miles away.Cost to repair the injectors about $2500 parts only. about $4,800 if I send it to a garage. Dealer would be double that. Truck needs to be towed home. Heres the list of things that have gone wrong with so little milage on it. Steering wheel clunk,brake lines rusted out( never had this problem with my 21 year 4 runner or corolla),fuel lines rusted out, instrument cluster died 1500 miles away from home ,rear wheel seals leak,radio died,brakes are horrible no mater what rotors and pads I put on them, tow haul function died,tranfer case rub. the list goes on and on. You pay about $8,000 extra for a diesel and expect it to last past 102 K with out spending $5000 for injectors.The truck is worth about $6-7 K

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4dr Crew Cab SLT 4WD SB Duramax/Allison

Michigan Mike, 10/17/2003
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This is my first pickup. Used to own a 93 Suburban. Traded an Acura CL Type S for this truck. Surprisingly good build quality. After 1500 miles, no problems at all. In the Acura I had to replace the front seat and the sunroof after this many miles. Wish that the OnStar GPS system could be hooked into a 3rd party navigation system with a screen and DVD. Performance (acceleration, braking) is great, though I've not yet towed anything. Heated seats are better/warmer than those in Acura. No complaints!

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Hot Rig..!

bearman, 12/20/2003
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More truck than I expected, plenty of power. Very roomy, solidly built with great ride.

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LUV my Duramax, 12/26/2003
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I purchased my truck about 3 weeks ago, and have put 1800 miles on it. I absolutely love the Duramax/Allison combo. Anything with this setup will drive like a dream. The Duramax doesn't hesitate with anything, and the allison smartly downshifts when slowing down to reduce brake wear. This truck is also the quietest diesel I've tested, when comparing the "BIG 3". At anything above 50mph you can't even notice you're running a diesel. ...every time I drive it...I like it even more...nuff' said.

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Good but could be better!

Jose Galvan, 01/10/2004
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Thus far it's proven to be what was expected. I do like the pick up power and acceleration power, the turning radius needs to be inproved. Another plus would be to install a rear window that is fuctional. Heat controls for the rear needs installed. Overall the performance, handling, and appearance are what I' expected. I've named it the HULK, it's big, it's green and it's powerful!

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Best Truck to get

Robert Mackison, 03/09/2004
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This is the best truck I have ever owned.

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