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2007 GMC sierra single cab work truck

Jeff, 09/25/2015
Work Truck 2dr Regular Cab 6.5 ft. SB (4.8L 8cyl 4A)
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I have had this basic gmc work truck since 2007 bought it brand-new haven't had any problems out of it except I had a little problem with the Throttlebody but that was it the truck rides very Smoove only thing that sucks is I drove the truck a lot of long distance and because it's a single cab it hurt my back a lot I have taken this truck for a lot of road trips from hauling cars all the way to North Carolina from Holly enclosed trailers full of furniture in Florida this has been one of my favorite trucks I just recently sold it to get a bigger truck and I got a Ford F1 50 super crew which I hate every bit of this Ford F1 50 I really miss my GMC single cab truck I would much rather have that than this ford and I got a Ford F1 50 super crew which I hate every bit of this Ford F1 50 I really miss my GMC Single cab I would recommend getting that Chevy Silverado or the GMC Sierra my GMC had 136,000 miles on it right before I sold it never did any maintenance on it all I did was change the oil and replaced the throttle body that's it

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A truck is a truck

Greg's Work Truck, 01/21/2010
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We purchased this truck for the sole purpose of hauling things. We chose the regular cab, 8ft bed 4.3l automatic work truck. We have rental property and we decided we needed a basic truck with lots of bed space. Our GMC does the job very well. We load lots of stuff in the back and doesn't strain, not one bit. Sheets of plywood and drywall fit perfectly. I am not a fan of trucks, so I don't get excited driving it. The flip down covers for the power ports broke and were replaced. The rubber stops for the gas cover broke and were replaced. All else is good. Its a truck. The airbag light comes on and shuts off the engine. The dealer updated the software and it hasn't happened again.

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Almost 100% happy, Customers come first.

mike, 05/18/2010
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Looked for the right truck, was going to buy new or used, but had to be the right one. Looked at all makes and then i was in a Dodge dealer looking at new dodges and there was the truck that had allmost every thing i wanted and it was used. There are only 2 things i think GM needs to work on, 1 Fuel economy they can make trucks with great fuel economy, i get 580km on a tank, i think it should get at lest 800km in the city, my 92 chevy diesel gets 650km in the city. 2 i hate the hesitation when stepping on the gas to pass, come on GM you can put toyota and all the rest in the dust if you really wanted to. Why do you think people by foreign?

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Nice truck!

KD, 05/17/2007
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I just purchased an '07 Sierra and I absolutely love it! There is no comparison between this truck and the '99 Sierra that I traded. The stealth gray is awesome, and the build quality is superb. I have the work truck with the preferred package, SL package and towing package. I just can't get over how nice this truck is and nice the ride is compared to the old body style that I owned. I have the 4.8l and am getting 17-18 mpg mixed driving.

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Bad vibes in regular cab 8' box

reb, 10/11/2008
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The gas consumption is terrible. 14 mph not driving over 55. The tire monitoring system we can do without it. The split seats are uncomfortable, what was wrong with the bench seat. With the new design there is no room behind the seat for any items. The jack cannot be replaced to its position behind the passenger seat without being a contortionist. The jack is totally inadequate I used it once and was fearful the truck would fall. I found a scissor jack at a thrift to replace the factory jack. The controls for the ac are way to exotic. Don't need auto head lights, I know when it dark, the truck and controls are just too complicated. I am one sorry dude for buying this. I want my 94 GMC back

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eib, 08/18/2008
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This is a great truck. It's just not as much truck as the 2000 Chevy it replaced. I've had to wait to long to be able to get accessories like a cap, cruise control. To replace the radio is way over the top to deal with as all the electric in the dash go through the radio.

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Excellent Choice

Rick, 02/25/2007
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As a first-time truck buyer I was aiming more for a mid-size, thinking it the best place to find a good compromise between utility and drivability. However, when I got to the dealership and compared sticker prices I found I could get more for my money in the larger Sierra than the mid-size Canyon. The test drive was the clincher. The regular cab, 8ft bed WT rides as smooth as our mini-van and sits higher for better visibility. The build-quality is impressive; no rattles, tight seams and attention to detail. All knobs and buttons are within easy reach and the cabin space is generous. Utility- wise, well, there isn't anything that won't fit inside the 8ft bed. Outstanding truck by GMC.

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Very Pleased

Belpre Ohio - Dave, 04/13/2007
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I've had my truck for 2 months and 2000 miles. Early indications are this truck is truly outstanding. I had a 2003 Silverado and this truck is much improved. It is fun to drive -- steering is great and power is super. The interior is extremely convenient and has a pleasing appearance. The truck is very quiet. My biggest complaints with the 2003 have been addressed. The fuel mileage is very good considering the size and power, 18 mpg overall. I didn't think I'd go GM again, but after test driving I decided to try again. I am glad I did. I really expect I'll be able to say that many miles later.

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Very Nice Truck

Toff, 04/24/2007
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Test drove every truck out there including new Tundra with the 5.7 in reg cab. They all fell short of the GMC in one way or another. The interior was a big one, most felt quite cheap and the comfort level of this new Sierra is amazing. Handling is great, ride is excellent, good power and getting really good mileage in this reg cab with the 5.3 and AFM even though not broken in yet. I'm sure the smaller size of the truck makes a big difference in how often you are in V4 mode. Lots of great standard features, priced out about the same as the '06 I looked at last year.

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Almost perfect

WORK TRUCK, 04/14/2008
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My only complaint with this truck is the transmission. The transmission does not down shift right when you make low speed turns. I have gotten as high as 21 mpg on the highway with a few mods. I have installed cold air, programmer, and exhaust. My daily driving average is about 16 1/2 mpg.

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