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Excellent truck

matt, 03/04/2006
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I like GM vehicles and have owned my Jimmy since new. I think it works very well up here in our Canadian winters. I have had to do some repairs to major components but very vehicle out there needs maintance and repairs. My guess is that the trucks that people are having trouble with was likely from people not having the proper maintance preformed. Overall I love my Jimmy. It's comfortable, great in snow, handles and brakes well. The a/c and all the options work just as they should. Fuel milage is fair, but if I was really looking for mileage I would drive a Chevy Cavailer. When I go to replace my Jimmy I will buy another GM SUV without a doubt.

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Just Okay

hobbie2k, 03/15/2012
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I bought my Jimmy from a friend on deployment largely because of a good price, low miles, and because it's an improvement over the $500 car I was driving, but it hasn't turned out to be as much of an improvement as I had hoped. The Jimmy is just another typical 90s American SUV. That means poor fuel economy, uncomfortable ride, poor build quality, cheap interiors, questionable reliability, and lackluster performance. In two months I've had to replace the intake manifold gaskets (common problem), lower ball joints (common problem), front and rear wiper motors (common problem), power steering lines (common problem), and now I think a U-joint is failing. It seems all the problems are common.

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Greatest First Car

Jrod08, 07/07/2008
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I have had this vehicle over a year now. It has really grown on me. I originally wanted a 1998 or newer Blazer, but I got my Jimmy instead. The 4.3 liter engine is outstanding. Every time someone sees my SUV they say that the engine in it is really good. GM designed the V6 really well. I get 20 miles per gallon city driving and around 23 highway. I am highly satisfied with that. I've always wanted the interior that the 1998 and up Jimmies have, but it is satisfactory. Never had any major mechanical or electrical problem. I have only replaced the front ball joints on the suspension arms and replaced the ignition wires in the steering column.

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The Jimmy that could...

HellHound, 12/31/2005
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As a former GMC mechanic turned US Marine, I know these trucks better then most. Being stationed in N.C. it see's all types of miles and weather. It has yet to fail me. I read most of these complaints and all I see is poor owner maintence. The only major problem I ever had with the truck is I spun a main bearing while pulling a much larger F-250 out of 1ft. of mud. But my little GMC did it with out hesitation. $400 in parts, no biggie! The power these trucks create and off- road abbility is mached by very few in there class. The engine is relible, strong,and decent on gas. I have 6 friends with the same truck who have never had a problem. Take care of this truck and it won't let you down.

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Not too bad

Dustin, 01/23/2006
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Since owning my Jimmy I have found it a really decent car. There have been a few things that have gone wrong with it, but not major things. When it is cold outside the drivers door buzzer won't go off until the car is heated up. Cost for fixing this problem is too much for me. My Service Engine soon light goes on all too often, and after being checked out, there is nothing wrong. My overhead outside thermometer stopped working, and is apparently expensive to fix, Overall, it is not such a bad car and I am satisfied with it.

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